What 3-D shape can you make using 2 trapeziums?

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What are 2-d and 3-d shapes?

If you can make it just by cutting it out of a piece of paper, it's 2-d. If you can make it by carving a block of wood, it's 3-d. 2-d shapes have length and width, but not

What is the shape of a trapezium?

It's a quadrilateral (4 sides) and it has two sides that are parallel. If you draw a triangle and cut off one corner, you'll have two figures. One is a triangle, and the other

Is a trapezium a regular shape?

A trapezium is considered to be a regular shape. The trapezium isreferred to as a regular polygon which has all sides equal.

What is the shape trapezium?

type 'shape of a trapezium' in Google then you get the shape of trapezium , quadrilateral , rhombus , ect...

Can a trapezium have 3 right angles?

No, if a trapezium had three right angles, it would mean the fourthangle would have to be 90 degrees. That would make it a square or arectangle.