What is the color for Pantone PMS-802?

It's a bright green (see related link). The best way to see the color Pantone 802c is to look at a Pantone swatch book. Pantone is the industry standard to insure color consis (MORE)
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What bullet does a Mossberg Model 802?

The 802 is a more than decent bolt action .22 rifle. It fires the .22 long rifle (.22LR) cartridge. It's a great gun.

Why 802 is named as 802?

The IEEE was started at February, 1980. So they started to name their standard as 802 such as 802.2, 802.3,802.11 .... 802 - 80 Represents the year when they started 2 - (MORE)

Is 802 a good credit score?

It's very near perfect. 802 out of 850. Sometimes, the number is lower due to applications for things (insurance, credit cards, whatever someone may run your credit for). I ha (MORE)

How many moles are in 802 grams of silver?

According to the periodic table, silver (Ag) has an atomic mass of about 108 grams per mole. If you have 802 grams, set up a direct proportion where 108/1=802/x and solve for (MORE)

Where is telephone country code 802?

There is no country code +802, nor are there any valid numbersbeginning with +802. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile pho (MORE)
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Who was the Pope in Rome in 802?

The Pope in Rome in 802 was John Palintino the 5th. He was generally a very well liked Pope and did a lot to help improve Rome and reduce the amount of poverty.