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What 3 colors are on the flag on Italy?

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White, Green and red
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What do the 3 colors red white and blue on the US flag mean?

when I was about 12 years old, out of couriosity I had asked my father about the American flag and what i got out of that was:Red: for the blood we shed White: purity Blue: Bl

Lucky color in Italy?

The lucky color of Italy is red like on their flag.

What do the 3 colors stand for on the Jamaican flag?

  The symbolism of the colours is: yellow, sunshine and natural resources; black, the burdens borne by the people; green, agriculture and hope for the future. courtesy;

What do the 3 colors on the US flag stand for?

Red - Hardiness and valor White - Purity and innocence Blue - Vigilance, perseverance, and justice Red . Hardiness and valor . Red represents the blood spilled pro

What do the colors on the Italy flag stand for?

The RED :- Stands for the bravery during the roman times. The white :- stands for the purity and faith. The Green :- stands for all the trees and bushes that they have in the

When was the Italy flag adopted?

The Italian flag was adopted the 7 January 1797 during the Reggio Emilia Congress when they took the flag as the cispadana republic , later in 1946 it was adopted as the offic