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What 4 countries in Europe beginning with the letter A?

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What 4 countries in Europe speak french?

  There are three countries in Europe where French is an official language - France , Belgium (Wallonie) and Switzerland ( Cantons francophones). French is also spoken in

City in Europe beginning with the letter k?

  KOCISE, SLOVAKIA KINGSTON UPON HULL, UK   CITIES IN GERMANY:   * Kaarst (North Rhine-Westphalia)  * Kahla  (Thuringia)  * Kaisersesch  (Rhineland

What are some countries in Europe that begin with the letter D?

Denmark is the only country in Europe that starts with the letter D in English. If you include the name in the language of the country, then Deutschland is German for German

What are the 4 main countries of Europe?

That depends on how you define "main countries." If you mean the 4 largest countries in Europe by geographical area, then the answer would be:     Russia (just the E

What 4 countries r in Europe?

Well, there's France, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugual, and several m

What countries in Europe begin with the letter J?

No country in Europe begins with J.   However, the Bailiwick of Jersey, largest of the Channel  Islands, is an autonomous Crown Dependency.   Additionally, the Sloven