What 80's TV show starred the man who coined the term you pity the fool?

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The A-Team
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What TV shows starred Garry McDonald?

Answer . Garry McDonald is most famous for his role in Mother and Son where he played Arthur Beare; a middle aged man still living at home taking care of his (extremely funny) mother. IMDb also lists shows that he made appearances in over his career. . See Related Links . See the Related L (MORE)

What TV shows were popular in the 80's?

The highest rated shows in the US in the 1980s were: Cheers, The Cosby Show, A Different World, Roseanne, Family Ties, Dallas, Dynasty and Murder She Wrote.

What is important about the TV show 'Star Trek'?

Star Trek, for instance ST Voyager contains important themes and morals to every day life; including a need to band together in bad situations, friends and loyalties over selfishness, finding a way home, putting a bold face on things, etc. If one can look past the 'geeky' exterior and ( as Coleridge (MORE)

Who starred in the 50's tv show Life with Reily?

I think you mean the show Life of Riley. The cast was: Chester A. Riley..................................... William Bendix Peg Riley........................................... Marjorie Reynolds Junior................................................... Wesley Morgan Babs Riley Marshall....... (MORE)

Who was the first black man to star in a TV show?

The First African-American male star of a network television show was Nat King Cole, in The Nat King Cole Show (1956). However, the First African-American star of a network television drama is Bill Cosby in I Spy (1965)

Who starred in the TV show Friends?

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green Courteney Cox as Monica Geller Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribiani Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing David Schwimmer as Ross Geller

Who are the stars of TV show Medium?

Allison DuBois; The Medium - Patricia Arquette Joe DuBois; Allison's husband - Jake Weber Manuel Devalos; Allison's boss/District Attorney of Phoenix - Miguel Sandoval Ariel DuBois; Allison's eldest daughter - Sofia Vassilieva Bridget DuBois; Allison's middle child - Maria Lark Lee Scanlon; Detectiv (MORE)

Who were the stars of the tv show dukes of hazzard?

the GENERAL LEE, John Schneider as Bo Duke, Tom Wopat as Luke Duke, Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke, Denver Pyle as Uncle Jesse, Sonny Shroyer as Enos, Ben Jones as Cooter, James Best as Sheriff Rosco Coltrane, Sorrell Booke as Boss Hogg, and Waylon Jennings as Balladeer

Was there an 80's TV show called family?

"Family" (1976-1980). Stars James Broderick, Sada Thompson, Gary Frank, Kristy McNichol, Meredith Baxter, Quinn Cummings. Sidenote: James Broderick is Matthew Broderick's real life father.

What are the stars of the tv show criminal minds?

Joe Mantegna- David Rossi Paget Brewster-Emily Prentiss Shemar Moore- Derek Morgan Matthew Gray Gubler- Spencer Reid A.J Cook- Jennifer "JJ" Jareau Kristen Vangsness- Penelope Garcia Thomas Gibson- Aaron Hotchner CRIMINAL MINDS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!

Who were the stars of TV show cheers?

Ted Danson-Sam Shelly Long-Diane Kirstie Alley-Rebecca Rhea Perlman-Carla Nicholas Colasanto-Coach Woody Harrelson-Woody George Wendt-Norm John Ratzenberger-Cliff Kelsey Grammar-Frasier Bebe Newirth-Lilith

How many Star Trek tv shows are there?

six series +The Original Series(TOS)-three seasons +The Animated Series(TAS)- 22 episodes +The Next Generation(TNG)- seven seasons +Deep Space Nine(DS9)-seven seasons +Voyager(VOY)-seven seasons +Enterprise(ENT)-four seasons this is not counting fan made series.

Who were the lieutenants in the Star Trek tv show?

Lieutenants in Star Trek (The Original Series) -------------------------------------------------------- Lt. DeSalle Lt. Farrell Lt. Galloway Lt. Hansen Lt. Kelowitz Lt. Kyle Lt. Lemli Lt. Palmer Lt. Riley Lt. Rowe Lt. Sulu Lt. Uhura Lt. Washburn Also, Spock was a Lieut (MORE)

Who starred in the TV show JAG?

The main actors that starred in JAG were: David James Elliot (Cmdr. Harmon 'Harm' Rabb, Jr.), Patrick Labyorteaux (Lt. Bud Roberts, Jr.), Catherine Bell (Lt. Col. Sarah 'Mac' Mackenzie), John M. Jackson (Adm. Albert Jethro 'A.J.' Chegwidden), Chuck Carrington (P.O. Jason Tiner), and Kari Turner (Lt. (MORE)

What TV shows did Avan Jogia star in?

Not really a kid, but at age 14, he got his first big break as Danny Araujo on A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. He didn't have any roles as a kid because he was still in school until age 16, when he dropped out.

Who starred in the TV show Flash Forward?

Some of the male characters starring are Joseph Finenes and John Cho.Some of the female characters starring in Flash forward are Sonya Walger and Christine Woods.

Who is the main star of the TV show Nikita?

Maggie Q is the star of the 2010 TV show Nikita. This show has received generally favorable reviews from both critics and regular consumers. The show is currently planning to release another season.

Who starred in 'Rawhide' TV show?

The regular cast members were Eric Fleming as trailboss Gil Favor ,Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates ; Paul Brinegar as the cook GeorgeWashington Wishbone , Robert Cabal as Jesus "Hey Soos" Patines ,James Murdock as the cook's helper Harkness "Mushy" Mushgrove III ,Steve Raines as Jim Quince and Rocky S (MORE)

Who starred on the TV show NewsRadio?

The stars in the TV show NewsRadio include Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Andy Dick, Vicki Lewis, Phil Hartman, Brad Rowe, Toby Huss, Joe Furey, David Cross, etc.

What TV shows has Hyun Bin starred in?

Hyun Bin has starred in the TV programs 'My Name is Kim Sam-soon' and 'Secret Garden'. The is a South Korean actor from Seoul and has been acting since 2003.

Who starred in the TV show ER?

The most famous actors and actresses from the TV show ER include George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Julianna Marguies and Kellie Martin. Many have carried on in the entertainment business.

Who stars in the TV show The Call?

The television show The Call was a reality show where actors and actresses auditioned for parts. The judges were Jordan Barker, Salvatorie Antonio, Valerie Buhagair and many others.

Who starred in the tv show Baretta?

The TV show Baretta is centered around a man by the name of Detective Tony Baretta. The actor who plays as Baretta is named Robert Blake. Tom Ewell plays Billy Truman.

What shows can be watched on Star Plus TV?

Star Plus TV is a Indian TV channel. Star TV hosts many different shows including the popular Ex GHar Banaunga and Veera. Star Player catchup TV online is available in some areas.

Who starred in the TV show Xpose?

Xpose is a talk show that takes a look at the daily life of celebrities in Hollywood and elsewhere. There are many celebrities that have starred on the show but the regular stars are Karen Kosner, Lisa Cannon and Aisling O'Loughlin.

Who starred on the TV show 90210?

The cast of the TV show 90210 features some of the following actors and actresses: Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor, Tori Spelling as Donna Martin, Luke Perry as Dylan McKay, and Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh.

Who starred in the TV show Soul Food?

Starring in the series were Nicole Ari Parker, Malinda Williams, Vanessa A. Williams, Rockmond Dunbar, Darin Dewitt Henson and Boris Kodjoe. Also in the TV show was Aaron Meeks who also did the narrating.

Who are the stars of the Clean House TV show?

There a fair number of stars of this show. They include Niecy Nash, Linda Koopersmith, Allen Lee Haff, Mark Brunetz, Trish Suhr, Matthew Iseman, Lisa Arch and Kellie Shanygne Williams.