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The Oxford English Dictionary has 10 volumes, 15,490 pages. Men of Good Will by Jules Romains has 2,070,000 words. Venmurasu is a Tamil book still being written that should be 25,000 pages.
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Most pages in a book?

Rob Halls I.T. coursework is 1,000,000 page long, that would measure 81 metres.

Why the book index page is useful?

An index is important because rather than having to flip through an entire book to find a single answer, you can look in the book's index and it will tell you the page where a

What is copyright page in the part of the books?

The copyright page is generally on the reverse of the title page, and includes copyright information and cataloging data from the national library of the country in which it w

What is the purpose of a copyright page in a book?

The copyright page indicates the rightsholder, publication information, and cataloging information from the national library of the country of publication.

How many pages does the book Pinocchio have?

Pinocchio is an old book, and has been not only published in the original Italian but in many translations around the world, many times. Many electronic versions don't even ha