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What College did Joe Montana attend?

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He attended notre dame
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What draft pick was joe Montana?

  Round 3, Pick 82, by the 49ers.

How good was Joe Montana?

is the best quarterback of all time 4 super bowl trips. 4 superbowl wins. Named MVP in 3 superbowls. Highest superbowl passer rating. eight pro bowls and 2 mvp in regular seas

What are Joe Montanas childrens names?

  Joe Montana has four children. Two of them are named Nate and Nicholas.

What is the net worth of Joe Montana?

estimated to be upwards of 650 million.

Did Joe Montana Vape or Smoke?

Joe Montana did in fact vape and smoke. He was known for smoking  many different products before his game, and today runs a vape shop  out of Alabama called Joe's Vape Shop.