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What Cool words that start with the letter L?

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loser im serious because cool stands for

Over weighted
Out of style

so that is why cool is bad

P.S. Jerk is good because it stands 4 junior educated rich kid! So jerk is good and cool is bad
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4 letter word that starts with L?

  * Late  * Lear  * Lake  * Lost  * Leap  * Leaf  * Lead  * Lean  * Loft  * Lift  * Last  * Laid  * Lain  * Lisp  * List  * Lilt  * Luge  * Lung  

What words start with L as a silent letter?

There are none. The double L in llama is not technically silent. The LL is a separate "letter" pronounced as Y in Spanish. When the word was picked up in English, most peopl