What European countries colonized Africa?

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the british,the spainiards,the Portuguese,the french,the belgians,the Germans and the Italians
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Why did European countries colonize Africa?

They needed markets to sell their products and places to get the resources to make those products. Also, they felt that their race was superior and was supposed help the rest

Why did European countries colonize on South Africa?

At first Cape Town was settled by the Dutch East India Company (VOIC) as a refreshment stop en route to India. The fertile land provided a perfect settlement for more Dutch wh

Which European countries colonized South Africa?

South Africa was colonized in the main by people from Holland, Great Britain, and France.Holland and Britain set up governments and colonised actively. France only had influen

What was the first European country to colonize in Africa?

The Portuguese planted the first maritime colonies in Africa. The Dutch planted the first settled colonies in Africa. A maritime colony is a port city and some surrounding