What Excel function calculates the future value an investment based periodic payments?

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FV( interest_rate, number_payments, payment, PV, Type )
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How do you calculate monthly payment on a car loan using paperpencil or Excel not an online calculator?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nExcel certainly helps...you'll find a number of options, including several for calculating payments using "formulas" (the Fx features) that may get you there...even an amortization one.\n. \nSo presuming you know interest rate, principal and time variables (like pay (MORE)

How do you get Excel to stop calculating an IF function and lock in the value once a certain value has been met or after a certain number of calculations?

An IF function can only return one value. Once it finds a value that fits its criteria it does not continue. It is important that you construct a IF function correctly, particularly if it is a nested IF function, so that you get the correct result. If you do that, then issues around where it stops c (MORE)

How can we calculate creditors payment period?

Average Creditors / Credit purchases. = '?' x 360. = '?'. ex.. Average Creditors / Credit purchases. = 50 000 /. 120 000 x 360. = 0.4166 x 360 = 41.7. (average creditors = Creditors at the biginning of the year + creditors at the end of the year divided by 2). Average Creditors / Credit pur (MORE)

How do you calculate average payment period?

Creditors/credit purchase per day Or APP. The number of days a company takes to pay off credit purchases. It is calculated as accounts payable / (total annual purchases / 360). .

What are values that are used with a function in Excel?

Question: What are values that are used with a function in Excel? Answer: Arguments There are several possibilities. They can be called arguments and there are two kinds, variables and constants. Variables can have different values and constants are always the same.

How do you calculate the concentration based on the pH value?

The pH is a measure of the concentration of protons (H+) dissociated in an acid solution. . To clarify, hydrochloric acid is generally denoted by HCl, however, this is actually hydrogen chloride as a pure chemical. Only when dissolved in water does this become hydrochloric acid as the compound diss (MORE)

Logical function works with what values in Excel?

A logical function can in theory work with any kind of value. In the process it will have to get a boolean value, which is True or False, to perform the logic on. So it can do things like compare words or numbers or dates, which will result in a true or false value. These could be in cells reference (MORE)

How do you calculate monthly installment payments with Microsoft Excel?

If you have a set number of payments and a constant interest rate, use the PMT function. PMT(rate,nper,pv,fv,type) . Rate = Interest rate for the loan . Nper = Total number of payments for the loan . Pv = Present Value (total amount a series of future payments is worth now). Also known a (MORE)

How do I calculate the payment amount needed to arrive at a known value if I know these variables Present value Future value Rate and that the payment will increase by a known percent each period?

You might be able to use the PMT function. It returns the payment amount for a loan based on an interest rate and a constant payment schedule. You can try different numbers of payments to see what different monthly payments are required. Syntax: PMT(interest_rate,number_payments,PV,FV,Type) (MORE)

How do you enter a pmt function to calculate the monthly payments based on the amount to be financed?

PMT function returns the payment amount for a loan based on an interest rate and a constant payment schedule. PMT(interest_rate,number_payments,PV,FV,Type) interest_rate = interest rate for the loan number_payments = number of payments for the loan PV = present value or principal (MORE)

What Excel function is used to perform calculations or operations?

Many different functions can perform calculations or operations. Excel comes with hundreds of them. They can be accessed by clicking on the fx icon. The most commonly used function is usually the SUM function. It is generally used to add a range of values, but it can be used to do other kinds of cal (MORE)

How do you calculate net present value in Microsoft Excel?

Use the NPV function. NPV(rate,value1,value2, ...) Rate is the rate of discount over the length of one period. Value1, value2, ... are 1 to 29 arguments representing the payments and income. . Value1, value2, ... must be equally spaced in time and occur at the end of each period. . NPV (MORE)

What affects the future value of an investment more interest rate or time of investment?

That depends on the specifics of the details. For a long loan varying the time of investment might not make much difference since the proportion of the change is small while the interest rate will have a large impact. For a short loan varying the interest rate might not have time to have much impact (MORE)

Can the IF function in Excel be use to calculate future revenue?

Potentially it could be used that way, depending on what data you had and how you were calculating the future revenue. If the revenue is conditional on something, then it could be used. There are lots of financial functions that could be used in relation to revenue.

Will the dinar have value in the future if so is it worth investing in?

You are going to have to be much more specific. By Dinar what are you meaning? The Algerian Dinar? Iraqi Dinar? Serbian Dinar? Etc. and what do you mean investing? Are you investing in old coins? Or simply paper money? Are the coins struck in a precious metal like gold or silver? Or base metals like (MORE)

What is the excel value function?

It takes numbers that are stored as text and converts them in to actual values. So, for example, the following formula will result in the number 65: =VALUE("65")

What is the benefit of a Future Value calculator?

A Future value calculator can most definitely help you figure out the future value of a particular item. This can prove to be helpful when looking at buying something that you will sell in the future.

How accurate is the Future Value Calculator?

The Future Value Calculator bases its responses on your input of rate per period, payment amount, present value etc. If your input for these values is accurate than Future Value Calculator should be fairly accurate.

What is the function that finds the larges value in Excel?

function is called large. here is a link:http://chandoo.org/wp/2010/06/04/average-of-top-5-values/ still, I have tried it and had a syntax error when I have typed:=AVERAGE(LARGE(C9:H9,{1,2,3,4,5,6,7})) I will be glad if someone can help:)

Why does the 'ATAN' function in Excel differ greatly from that of a scientific calculator?

It is because the angles in Excel are measured in radians, not degrees. Often the default setting for measuring angles - even on scientific calculators - is the elementary mathematical degrees rather than the more advanced mathematicians' radians . 180 degrees = pi radians. So Excel gives ATAN( (MORE)

How do you calculate mortgage payments in Excel?

By going through the process, you get an idea of how much you pay in principal and interest each month. Calculating mortgage payments lets you look under the hood and see how your loan really works. When you calculate mortgage payments, you'll see how your loan amortizes. Amortization is the process (MORE)

How can you round a value with function in the excel?

There is a function called ROUND, which enables you to round values to a specified amount of digits: =ROUND(2302.5543,2) would give 2302.55 There are two other functions called ROUNDDOWN and ROUNDUP that can be used to round figures down or up with a set amount of decimal places. =ROUNDDOWN (MORE)

When interested is compounded the total time period is subdivded into several interest periods 1 year 3 months or 1 month how does compound interest effect the future value of an investment?

If the three-month interest rate was a quarter of the 12 month interest rate, then you would earn more interest. By extension, the shorter the subdivisions of time, the better off the investor would be. But this calculation is based on dividing the annual interest by four for a three month period. (MORE)

What value would Excel include in a calculation?

Any type of value can be used in a calculation, mainly numbers, but also things like dates, text and logical values. If used in a function, the values are known as arguments. Any type of value can be used in a calculation, mainly numbers, but also things like dates, text and logical values. If used (MORE)

What is future value of 1 calculated at 8 percent in 18 periods?

It depends on the period. -- If the period is 1 year, the future value is 3.996 . -- If the period is 6 months, the future value is 2.026 . -- If the period is 3 months, the future value is 1.428 . -- If the period is 2 months, the future value is 1.269 . -- If the period is 1 month, (MORE)

What is the function of a car value calculator?

A car value calculator functions to calculate the current resale value of a car. They will also calculate the current value of a van, light truck or SUV. So perhaps they should be called vehicle value calculators instead.

How to calculate IC 50 value using Excel?

ED50V10 (Readme) is an Excel add-in for calculating IC50/EC50 values. Input your data in the left columns, and your results will be shown in the right half of the Excel table.\nTo calculate IC50, input 50 in the "INTERPOLATE..." table (highlighted in blue), the result will be shown on the right (hig (MORE)

How do I sort formula based values in Excel?

Copy the formulas and in the column next to them, use the Paste Special option and choose values. It will put the actual values into the cells. You can then sort your data based on the column of values.