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What Kinds of things are paid for with tax money?

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Infrastructure, national defense, public communication, libraries, schools, police and fire, environmental protection, clean water, safe food, public parks, public health, medicare, medicaid, social security, and I'm sure people can name more.
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What kind of taxes will need to be paid on a considerable sum of money from a deceased mother's checking account when it is divided between the surviving children?

Answer . Estate taxes are what need to be paid. The executor of the estate, or their legal advisor, should have a good handle on the process. If the value of the estate

Do teachers get paid with our tax money?

In a public school, yes. In fact, anyone who works for a public school is paid for by citizen tax dollars, including the janitors, security guards, and cafeteria workers. I

Who decides which taxes must be paid and how tax money is spent?

Taxes are laws and made so by the elected members of Congress. Passed by vote after much discussion and obviously, controversy.. They are normally directly part of the budget

If you paid taxes on your unemployment money can you get that back when you file 1040ez?

For the unemployment benefits that you received last year you should receive a 1099-G from the state showing the total amount received during the year and the amount in excess

What things are paid for by taxes?

Name it.. Schools are built, Cops are paid, National debts are paid, Every public service that is used, Is payed for by the taxes.. You CAN NOT have a sucessful government and