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What Kinds of things are paid for with tax money?

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Infrastructure, national defense, public communication, libraries, schools, police and fire, environmental protection, clean water, safe food, public parks, public health, medicare, medicaid, social security, and I'm sure people can name more.
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Paid tax in advance?

Almost all income taxes are...thats what withholding is...and if you don't have that you must make estimated payments through the year. You take the credit for what is paid on

You close your IRA account early because you needed the money to live on and paid an early fee do you still need to pay taxes on it?

  Yes, (presuming it wasn't a Roth) - the amount you took out is a taxable income (you didn't pay tax on that income, or the earnings when you contributed it or it grew)..

Do teachers get paid with our tax money?

  In a public school, yes. In fact, anyone who works for a public school is paid for by citizen tax dollars, including the janitors, security guards, and cafeteria workers

Is there a tax on money received from a life insurance policy and if so is the tax paid by the beneficiary or by all who received money from the beneficiary per the decedents wishes?

IT is paid by the one receiving the money. Similar to a ROTH IRA where the money is taxed as it is placed into the insurance policy then only the interest is taxable. if howev

Who paid the taxes in ancient mesopotamia?

In ancient Mesopotamia, they didn't have coined money as ancient households had to pay taxes in kind, and they paid different taxes throughout the year. Poll taxes required ea

Can you get a tax refund if you paid no taxes?

No. If you did not pay any taxes or have them deducted from your paycheck, you can not get a refund. However, because of many special programs in the tax system, the earned i