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What NFL teams play a 4-3 defense?

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I don't know, do you?
Just tell me the 4 remaining NFL playoff teams, Jets, Pack, Bears, Steelers - which of these is a 3-4 defense?
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Which NFL team has the strongest defense?

The Denver Broncos, havent you heard of the Orange crush. Plus there was Randy Gradishar, Tom Jackson, and now there is D.J. Williams, Robert Ayers, Elvis Dumervil, Champ Bail

What NFL team has the Number 1 defense?

  The Pittsburgh Steelers have the Numbe 1 Defense in the NFL so far this year (2008). They are ranked number 1 against the Rush, Number 1 against the Pass, #1 in Total De

Which NFL teams run a 3-4 defense?

These are the teams in the NFL currently using the 3-4 defense:     Pittsburgh Steelers  Baltimore Ravens  San Diego Chargers  Buffalo Bills  Cleveland Browns  G
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How many defensive players on an NFL team?

1. Formation contains 11 players. 2. Every player should have a substitute. That gives you 22 players at least. 3. Now, note that there's usually more than one substitut