What Pokemon can make a Pokemon GO to asleep instantly in Pokemon platinum?

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bibarel can. he/she is found at the mash or the safari game!! hope I helped
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Is there going to be a new Pokemon game called Pokemon Platinum?

Yes there is. It was actually announced not to long ago. It's based in the Sinnoh region like diamond and pearl but more Pokemon have been added, and there have been some other small changes made as well. YES THERE IS AND ITS ALREADY OUT IN JAPAN BUT WHAT I HAVE HEARD ITS COMING OUT I DECEMBER OR (MORE)

How do you go in to the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon Platinum?

you walk into the front door... but if you mean the maids after you get the national pokedex run down the hall on the left until the maid stops you. talk to her, and you will battle five maidds in a row. you have to beat them all in one turn. I'm not sure what happens after that though, but i assume (MORE)

Where do you go to trade Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Any wi-fi CLUB room with friend code or union room. There you tell the person or lady that you want to trade and what you want to trade. Then you type in the other person's F C and the other person types in your FC. THEN you can finally trade!

How do you make Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

There a lots of ways to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon platinum. 1. When some Pokemon reach a certain level they evolve. 2. For some Pokemon like eevee u have to use an evolutionary stone. 3.To get eevee to Umbroen or Espeon u have to make eevee have max happiness. Then level it up in the day and u (MORE)

How do you make a Pokemon happy in Platinum?

In order to boost it's happiness, you can just carry it in your party. Don't ever let it faint, have it win battles, and just to make it faster make that Pokemon hold a soothe bell. A soothe bell helps boost it's friendship with you. also you can bring it to the massager person.

How do you make Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

If you mean breed Pokemon eggs, you put 2 Pokemon together from the same egg group into the daycare, and talk to the man outside after a while. If he says something like "They don't like each other" or "They prefer to play with other Pokemon", then they probably won't have an egg. If they say someth (MORE)

How do you make a Pokemon happy in Pokemon Platinum?

In order to boost it's happiness, you can just carry it in your party. Don't ever let it faint, have it win battles, and just to make it faster make that Pokemon hold a soothe bell. A soothe bell helps boost it's friendship with you. also you can bring it to the massager person.

How do you make poffins in Pokemon platinum?

The Poffin maker's house, it is left from the Pokemart in Hearthome City and ask the lady in front of the Poffin Maker. If you need a poffin case go to the Pokemon Fan Club and talk to the old man at the couch.

How do you go to an event on Pokemon Platinum?

You have to have to have Wi- Fi Connection for online events however for events that are in a store you just need a Nintendo DS (or DS Lite or DSi, doesn't matter which DS it is) and the Pokémon Platinum game card and you also need to enable Mystery Gift in your Platinum game which you do by goin (MORE)

How do you make your Pokemon happy in Pokemon Platinum?

1. you give it ev boosting drinks ( protein, carbos, etc.) they cost 9800 in the Pokemon department store ( the big store) 2. I'm not sure about this one but i think you can use rare candys but i highly recommend going with ev drinks as these interfere with your stat gain 3.give a Pokemon the soothe (MORE)

How do you go to snowpoint in Pokemon platinum?

1. beat the elite four 2. get national dex just to letyouknow, the only ting that's in there is regigigas andyou cannot get himunless you have a regirock,regiice and a registeel in your party

How do you make Pokemon happy in Pokemon Platinum?

The way I do it is by giving the Pokemon you want happy a sooth bell, this will make the Pokemon grow happy fast. Then every day give the Pokemon a message at Veliston (spelling?). Also make sure that it's the first Pokemon in your party and never put in the PC boxes.

How do you go underground in Pokemon platinum?

First you open your bag and go to key items the use the explorer kit that you get after you win the second gym and are walking out of town a girl reminds you to get it then you get it out of the house by the Pokemon center. After you use it then save and it'll bring you underground. the exact same (MORE)

Where do you go to battle in Pokemon platinum?

well if you want to battle wild Pokemon you have to search for them in patches of grass and on the water in the game and if you want to battle trianers they are along paths "routes" in the game.

Can you go underwater in Pokemon platinum?

Pokemon that knows Dive You can't go underwater in the DS generation. But you can catch (Not Migrate) a Pokemon knowing the Dive technique. If you obtain the National Mode on your Pokedex, go to Victory Road where a guy was blocking you from part of it. He shouldn't be there. Go find water up (MORE)

In Pokemon Platinum how do you make a Pokemon happy?

You can go to a house in Veilstone where a lady will give your Pokemon a massage, but only one Pokemon and once a day. Her are the directions: Go to Veilstone City. From PokeMart: Go to the bottom left corner of the city, go to the top of the stairs that are above you and then go left. The lady will (MORE)

Where do you go after you beat Pokemon platinum?

You can go wherever you like, really. But to do something new, complete the Sinnoh Pokedex, talk to the person that won't let you go past him, then use the TM Surf over the water. Then you unlock the Survival Area! You can rematch Gym Leaders every day! And you can also battle your rival every Satur (MORE)

How do you make Pokemon walk with you in platinum?

you cant Added September 13, 2011 Not true. You CAN have certain Pokemon walk with you in Hearthrome City park. You will find an item or two there. When you enter, the dude at the counter will tell you who is acceptable to walk with if you don't have the appropriate pokemon in your party at the t (MORE)

In Pokemon Platinum how do you go to the Pokemon league?

[First of all make sure you have a in your party Pokemon that know the HMS surf, waterfall, rock smash, and strength] After you beat the 8th gym leader [volkner] go to the beach and use surf [ if you don't want to fight the wild Pokemon I suggest using a repel] Keep going straight through the water (MORE)

How do you make your Pokemon happier in Pokemon Platinum?

if your Pokemon level ups, its happiness will increase automatically. but if you give your Pokemon a soothe bell, its happiness will increase faster, and it will evolve faster (by certain Pokemon). also return will do more damage

Which TM makes Pokemon fall asleep?

I only know 3 moves that makes Pokemon fall asleep. GrassWhistle - Roselia learns it by level up Yawn - Dunsparce learns it by level up Hypnosis - Drowsee knows it when captured in Pokemon Heart gold And Soul silver.

How do you make your pokemon invinicible on Pokemon Platinum?

ok, there is no way to make Pokemon invincible on any game! If you heard it from someone, then its probably a rumour, or they mean it by "putting a cheat" into the game. You shouldn't do that, becuase it'll ruin the game, and the way to have strong Pokemon is by training them! Get your main pokemon (MORE)

How to make Pokemon level up instantly in any Pokemon game?

All you need to do is use rare candies my friend. if you have emerald, you can use the cloning trick at battle frontier to produce a lot of rare candies, otherwise you're just going to have to find them. i would use them sparingly. actually though, i don't use them at all. although training a Poke (MORE)

Pokemon platinum where did mesprist go?

After your visit with Mesprite, it "plays" with you. It will run around the region like Latias does in Sapphire or like Latios does in Ruby. One easy way to find it is to get an app (Marking Map) on your poketch' from the President of the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after obtaining your 3rd bad (MORE)

Where do you go to free the three legendary Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

first vist the three lakes and you will have to battle with the three comanders. next go to the gigantic building where team galactic hides. then you will run into a grunt beside the satalite.talk to him and after he runs the looker will come and tell you to come to the ware house and then there wil (MORE)