What Presidents have had their citizenship questioned?

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Barack Obama's birthplace has been a subject for questioners. There is a "birther" movement that drew some considerable interest. (See the related link) But Obama is not the first president to have question raised about whether he was born in the US.
· Martin Van Buren - First Language Dutch was Dutch and people thought he might have been born in Holland.
· Chester A . Arthur - born in Northern Vermont, near the Canadian border and parents lived in Canada for many years and his father was born in Ireland.

Presidential Candidates who have had their Citizenship Questioned
· Christopher Schurmann 1896 Election
· Charles Evans Hughes 1916 Election
· George Romney 1968 Election
· Barry Goldwater 1964 Election
· Lowell Weicker 1980 Election
· Roger Calero 2004 and 2008
· John McCain 2000 and 2008
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