How did race relations in the south change after reconstruction and what was the African-American response?

After Reconstruction ended in the 1870s or later, race-relations inthe South changed in various ways in different states and accordingto different factors within each. It is g (MORE)

Which African tribe am i from?

Some facial features are more prevalent in certain tribes, and youcan compare your facial features to learn what tribe your familyoriginates from. However, the best way to fin (MORE)

What South African Bantu tribe was known for its fiercness?

As I understand the history your question does not point to time so I will give an answer based on time There were the now called Zulu,Xhosa,Ndebele but were the Ngunis(all di (MORE)

South African tribes names?

One South African tribe name is the Babwa tribe. Other SouthAfrican tribe names include: Congo DRC, Abe, Ebe, Abu Rof, Adarawa,and Kadara.

What is the related tribes with the chumash tribe?

The Chumash of California were originally a large tribe of perhaps 20,000 people but they have declined considerably in numbers and their language is practically extinct (alth (MORE)

What best describes how this excerpt relates to Mandela's policies as South African president?

It argues for the equality between the races that Mandela wouldreject when he became president.. It argues for the equality between the races that Mandela wouldwork to fulfil (MORE)