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What South African tribe is related to the Na'vi tribe from James Cameron's 'Avatar'?

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The Ashante tribe of the Ashante Region in central Ghana. Their singing sounds so much like the Na'vi singers from the soundtrack from James Cameron's "Avatar".
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What is the sequel to James Cameron's 'Avatar' about?

No story line for a sequel has been announced yet but James Cameron has said that the story itself is large enough for additional movies and was something he had planned all a

What Native American tribe in the Amazon rainforest or south America is almost like the na'vi tribe from the 2009 sci-fi movie 'avatar'?

The Ashante that live in the Ashante Region of central Ghana. I listened to an "Adventures in Odyssey" episode called "Prisoners of Fear (Part I)", "Prisoners of Fear (Part II

In James Cameron's 'Avatar' who does the voices?

A list of the most prominent characters: Sam Worthington - Corporal Jake Sully Sigourney Weaver - Dr. Grace Augustine Michelle Rodriguez - Trudy Chacón Zoe Saldana - Neyt

How is James Cameron's avatar related to Avatar the Last Airbender?

It isn't related. James Cameron's Avatar is a movie that is completely different from the cartoon: Avatar: The Last Airbender. The plots are totally different. The only rela

Is there a book of James Cameron's Avatar?

Avatar is based on an original screenplay written by James Cameron. There are several books out currently about the movie and the art. An actual book is currently in the makin

What was James Cameron's salary for avatar?

He was not paid for the movie because he was the writer, directory and also producer of the movie. But he had percentage of gross which brought him 350 000 000 dollars.

What is James Cameron's 'avatar' about and what is the plot?

It was about this guy named Jake sully played by Sam Worthington that goes to Pandora as an avatar to meet with the Na'vi people. He finds Neytiri the princess of the Omyticay

South African tribes names?

One South African tribe name is the Babwa tribe. Other SouthAfrican tribe names include: Congo DRC, Abe, Ebe, Abu Rof, Adarawa,and Kadara.

What is a summary of James Cameron's Avatar?

avatar is a movie about a man named jake sully who is in a wheel chair. When his brother is shot he must take his brothers place on a mystical planet pandora. There he becomes

Who died in James Cameron's Avatar?

Tom Sully, the twin broth of Jake Sully, was shot days before shipping out for Pandora because he fell victim to a bank robbery on Earth. Grace Augustine was shot by Colonel Q