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What TV character used to reminisce It all started in a small 5000-watt radio station in Fresno California?

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How many tv and radio stations are in Honduras?

Television: The number of television stations and viewers in Honduras has grown rapidly in recent years. Just a decade ago there were less than 10 television channels in Hond

Why do all radio stations start with w?

They don't. In the west (west of the Mississippi?) they start with K. Not ALL do. This are applicable only in North America and codes assigned for different types of broadcast

What is the Oldest US tv station?

WRGB-TV Channel 6 in Albany, NY. Dates back to 1928! wttg - Washington dc, was part of the dumont network that started in 1946, wrgb was started as radio, DuMont was first t

List of television and radio stations you have in Nigeria?

Some radio stations in Nigeria include 92.1 Vision FM, 94.7 Rhythm  FM, and 104.5 Love FM. Some television stations include Nigerian  Television Authority, Africa Independen

How do televisions use radio waves?

Analog Television use radio waves both for audio and video. Video circuit is much more complex than audio circuit. Ancient Televisions used CRT (Cathodic rays tube) in wich a

Why do radio stations start with k?

Back in the 1920s, when there were enough radio stations that  governments   decided it was time to step in and regulate them (to avoid having  their signals   devou

How would I start a small high-school radio station that people can listen to on the bus?

try an internet radio station, you need software to cue up the tracks (mixxx is especially good), something to convert it into an mp3 file (try LAME), and a broadcast server (