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What TV character used to reminisce It all started in a small 5000-watt radio station in Fresno California?

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Why do all radio stations start with w?

They don't. In the west (west of the Mississippi?) they start with K. Not ALL do. This are applicable only in North America and codes assigned for different types of broadcast

What is the station for radio Disney in California?

I believe it's 1260 AM.     Here is a complete list of the Radio Disney stations in California:    Riverside - 1290 AM   San Francisco - 1310 AM   Sac

What is the Oldest US tv station?

WRGB-TV Channel 6 in Albany, NY. Dates back to 1928! wttg - Washington dc, was part of the dumont network that started in 1946, wrgb was started as radio, DuMont was first t

Why does tv use radio waves?

because on the em spectrum, radio waves are the lowest. if a tv used a higher raadioactive source like uv and you were exposed to it to much (by watching to much tv) you could

TV stations on radio FM band?

  There is something wrong with your receiver. ( and usually FM sets particularily for stereo have far higher quality control than say pocket transister portables. the sou