What TV sitcom features a deadpan pooch named Eddie played by a dog named Moose?

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PCH= jack Russell terrier
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What breed of dog is Eddie on the TV sitcom 'Frasier'?

Eddie (Moose/Enzo) is a large Jack Russell Terrier. During the run of the Frasier series, Moose was cast to play Eddie and then was replaced by Enzo (Moose's son). Because Moo

What sitcom features a pooch named Eddie?

100 good deeds for Eddie McDowd is an old Nickelodeon show about a boy named Eddie who gets turned into a dog and must do 100 good deeds in order to become human again.

What are some names of TV Sitcoms that begins with letter m?

Mad About You . Malcolm and Eddie . Malcolm in the Middle . Mama's Family . M*A*S*H . Mork and Mindy . Married with Children . Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman . The Mary Ty