What US city has the highest per capita PhDs?

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Los ALamos New Mexico. the home of the los alamos national laboratories famous for the invention and production of the nuclear bomb.
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Which US city has the highest per capita consumption of coffee?

Many people would say Seattle, Washington, where both the Starbucks and Seattle's Best coffeehouse chains started. There are also a number of artesianial coffee roasters in th

Which city has the highest gay population per capita?

Wilton Manors, Florida has the highest per capita population. Note though that the entire city population is less than 13,000 persons, so it is a small enclave to Fort Lauderd
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What us city has the highest millionaires per capita?

There really is no official statistics for such a title. But many obvious, and probably correct, guesses would be New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. It is mos