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Elegant, frilly and scarlet are an example of adjectives to describe a dress.
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What is the adjective for describe?

The adjective form for the verb to describe is described  (the past participle).   Related derivative adjectives include descriptive and  describable.

What do adjectives describe?

Adjectives describe nouns or pronouns.    Ex.: "That bunny is fluffy." Fluffy is the adjective and bunny is  the noun that is getting described.

What does an adjective describe?

An adjective describes (or modifies) a noun or a pronoun. An adjective can also describe a verbal, phrase, or clause that is acting as a noun. Adjectives can describe the fo
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What does an adjective describe and how?

Adjectives describe nouns. The large dog ate the tasty meat. large is an adjective it describes the noun dog. Tasty is an adject ive it describes the noun meat. I am hun
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Is could an adjective?

No. It is a past tense form of the auxiliary verb "can." It is often used for polite requests, reluctant replies, or theoretical future actions, indicating an ability, as with