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What advantage did the locomotive have over carts pulled along rails by horses?

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So, why were the Mamluks successful in repelling the Mongols? A contributing factor to their success was their status as professional soldiers. The small Mamluk state featured very little administrative, cultural, and intellectual development. Its existence was solely for military training. The Mamluks' military skills easily matched those of the powerful Mongols. Additionally, the Mamluks used horseshoes on their horses. The Mongols did not, so the rocky terrain of Syria injured the hooves of the Mongol horses and made them ineffective. Finally, the Mamluks realized that grasslands were needed for the Mongol horses. Therefore, they often burned the grasslands to prevent Mongol horses from grazing. The Mamluk victories in 1260 marked a turning point for the Mongol army in the region.
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What were the advantages to a horse and cart?

Two advantages of using a horse and cart are saving the earth bynot emitting harmful toxins into the atmosphere, and also savingmoney on gas or other cost associated with trav
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How many horses can pull a cart?

do u mean a big cart or a little one if big i would go for 4 and small 2 or 1 if tiny hope this helped :)
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How much can a miniature horse pull in a cart?

A single miniature horse can usually pull one or two fully grown adults in a cart by itself. Any more than that and you should add another mini to help.
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Is a horse pulling a cart are forces?

The horse pulls it forward, and there is a backward force from the ground: friction. If the horses' pull exceeds the friction of the cart, it will accelerate.