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At what age can you collect social security?

Payment for retirement begins at 62 (at a reduced level), but payment for disability can be at any age.

At what age can you draw Social Security benefits?

You can take early retirement at age 62 if you have accumulated the required 40 work credits, but your benefit amount will be reduced to approximately 75% of what you would re

What age can you collect social security?

Unless you are awarded SS Disability or a similar award, the qualifying retirement age is graduated depending on when you were born. Contact your local SS office for further

Can you draw Social Security at age 60?

Only if you qualify for SSDI (disability) or survivors' benefits under Social Security guidelines. A widow, widower, or qualifying ex-spouse may receive Social Security surviv

How is social security taxed after age 75?

Age, whether it be young or old, is irrelevant to your taxability. Social Security IS taxable income, although there is a calculation that makes much of it, if not all of it,

What age can you get social security born 1949?

You can file at 62, but for full social security it is now 67. I am born in 50 and just filed for mine to start in July. The social security web site is very good and you can

What is the minimum age you can draw social security?

The minimum age you can claim Social Securityretirement benefits is 62, provided you have accrued the required40 credits which is the equivalent of 10 years of work. However,b

Can i get social security at age 59?

You can get Social Security before age 62 only if you are able toprove disability, which is SSI.

What is the best age to get your social security?

Wait until your full benefit age or later. Taking it before yourfull benefit age reduces your monthly check. Waiting several yearsafter your full benefit age will increase you