What age can you retire as an athletic trainer?

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i think its around 45- 50
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What skills does an athletic trainer need to have?

An Athletic trainer needs to be a people person. He/she needs to be able to feel around and be able to tell what is wrong with an athlete's need to be able to stoop kneel crou

How to be a athletic trainer?

First you have to find a work out plan that works. If you do that than you have to start recommending it to people than get a job as a trainer at a big time gym than hopefully

What doe a athletic trainer do?

Athletic trainers work with athletes in order to help them treat and prevent injury and develop fitness regiments that help them excel while staying healthy. An athletic train

What are hazards as an Athletic Trainer?

As an athletic trainer you may have to endure long hours and be on the road for days at a time if you work for one team. Maintaining enthusiasm may be hard as well, as you hav
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What programs you can attend for athletic trainer?

You can go to lots of different gyms, preferably one close to you, and ask about personal trainers. Lots of gyms offer the service but if not, just try a class of some sort.
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Why is documentation important for athletic trainers?

Athletic trainers in any sport are required to keep a teams playershealthy. They treat minor injuries and have doctors work withplayers on major injuries. The trainer needs ac