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What age does your penis stop growing?

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  • The penis will stop growing by the time Puberty is over. So most boys penises will have stopped growing by the age of 16 to 21.
  • It will grow to the size it is genetically destined to be, regardless of what you do to it. There are no foods, supplements, or exercises that will change the size of your penis. The only thing that changes it is the combination of hormones that occur during puberty.
  • As puberty ends so does your growth come to an end. The penis will not grow much after this.
  • The penis is normally fully developed by the age of 21.
  • Everybody has different rates of growth spurts and there is no real way of telling how long it will grow.
  • There is nothing much you can do to increase, or decrease the size of your penis.

A males penis can reach it's full size when you are as young as 12 and your body is still growing, or it can reach full size right up until your body stops growing. It varies with each person.
About at the age of 12 or13
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What age does a chihuahua stop growing?

  .They stop growing at about 9 months. there are 1000's of homeless chihuahuas killed every year because there are more chis than homes- so who would want to make more.  (MORE)

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At what age a kid stop growing?

The age that kids stop growing varies depending on genetics.  Generally, girls stop growing between the ages of 15 and 17 while a  boy continues to grow until the age of 18. (MORE)

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What age do Labradors stop growing?

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At what age do puppies stop growing?

What age do pups stop growing   Depends a lot on breed....most pups get their growth spurt by 9 months, then finish at 18 months. Large breeds continue growing until abou (MORE)

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Age of cow stop growing?

The age of a cow when it will stop growing is about the age of 5  years. The baby cow will stop nursing from the mother around 14  months old but is not considered grown.

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What age does a presa stop growing?

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At what age do people stop growing?

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What age does a male stop growing?

usually by the age of 25 physiological changes occur at the end of the bones so they no longer grow.