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The Album is called Hillbilly Deluxe. It was released in the summer of 2005.
Songs from the album:
1. play something country
2. she's about as lonely as I'm going to let her get
3. my hearts not a hotel
4. whiskey do my talking
5. hillbilly deluxe
6. one more roll of the dice
7. just another neon night
8. believe
9. Building Bridges
10. her west was wilder
11. i may never get over you
12. she likes to get out of town
13. again
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What is the song 'I Believe' by Brooks and Dunn about?

The song 'Believe' by Brooks and Dunn tells the story of a childhood encounter with an elderly man (Old Man Wrigley) and how he befriends him and learns of the man's belief th

What does dwain rowe do with brooks and dunn?

  Dwain Rowe is the Brooks and Dunn band director. He is also their keyboardist, and has been with them for 15 years. Dwain has a few #1 hits himself as a song writer.

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Who wrote believe performed by brooks and dunn?

Actually, Ronnie Dunn co-wrote the song with Craig Wiseman. It took home Song of the Year in 2006 at the CMAs, making Ronnie the artist with the most ACM awards (19).

Why did Brooks and Dunn break up?

Brooks and Dunn wrote the following letter to their fans:    To Our Fans:    After 20 years of making music and riding this trail together, we have   agreed as a

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