What all is Thomas Jefferson on?

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What was Thomas Jefferson?

Before he became president he was a planter, lawyer, writer, philosopher, scientist, and a architect. he was the author of the declaration of independence and he became the th

How come Thomas Jefferson did not release all his slaves?

He wanted to but was in so much debt from importing rich Europeanfood that he couldn't afford it. Slaves were property and weretherefore worth money; if he released them, he w
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Did thomas Jefferson believe in equality of all men?

Yes and no, while he was a slave owner, he did right that "...all men are created equal..." and he was said to have had had relations with female slaves, so it is unclear.
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Why was Thomas Jefferson a slave owner all his life?

"Jefferson tried his best, as an enlightened, thoughtful individual might. But the structure of American society, the power of the cotton plantation, the slave trade, the poli