What alphabets were use in the country of Syria?

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Several alphabets have been used in that region, including:


Today, mainly Arabic is used. Some Christians in Syria use the Syriac alphabet for liturgical purposes.
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How did the Romans influence other countries into using the alphabet?

By the time of the Archaic Period, the Greeks had lost the use of Linear-B. Following the resumption of trade with the Middle East, they adopted the Phoenicean alphabet which,

Was Syria ever a Christian country?

It's a Muslim and Christian country. Syria was a CHristian Country, it is mentioned in the bible as Aram, and as i believe it attacked Israel because of some proubles betw

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What countries use a different alphabet?

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What country uses the Syriac alphabet?

No single country uses it officially, but a diverse group of Syriac dialects are spoken by about 200,000 people mainly in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey.

How did Syria become a country?

It depends on how the question is intended. Syria first became a country around 3000 BC as the Kingdom ofAram/Aramea. However, modern Syria became independent in April 1946
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What is the nearest country to Syria?

There is no one "nearest" country so Syria. Syria borders Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq. So, in a sense, all these countries are "nearest" to Syria.
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What does the US have to do with Syria?

US is generally against the Syrian dictator, Bashar Al Assad, sothey are giving rebels weapons and providing them with a lot ofmoney, so they can bring the Syrian Dictator dow