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What ancient Greek battles are depicted on the Painted Stoa on the north end of the Agora?

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The ancient Athenians had superb painters to decorate the so-called Painted Stoa in Athens. The battles that were painted included such famous Athenian victories like the battle with the Amazons, Trojan War, Battle of Oene among several others.
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Oenoe, Troy, Marathon.
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What did the ancient Greeks wear in battle?

The Ancient Greeks wore battle helmets that covered their entire neck and head. They also a chest plate and knee braces that covered their heart and legs from potential arrows

What exactly was sold in ancient agora?

  Depending upon which city and country the Agora was in, the merchandise would vary. In Athens the following items would have been found: meat, fish, live animals veg

What does the painting The Last Supper depict?

The painting depicts the passover meal which was the last meal Jesus had with his disciples before being arrested.

How did ancient greek civilization end?

A large war happened: the Peloponessian Wars (431 to 404 BC). Athens and Sparta went to war then their allies joined in. After many long bloody years, Sparta finally won and t

Why did the ancient Greek civilisation come to an end?

Greek (Hellenic) civilization transited from Classical (5th and 4th Centuries BCE) to Hellenistic from the late 4th Century BCE (included the peoples in the east conquered by

What tools did ancient Greeks use to paint?

- Stone, especially Marble & Limestone.  - Dirt  - Clay  - Charcoal  - Flower Petals  - Vegetable Dyes mixed with saliva or animal fat.

What products were sold in ancient Agora?

Central to every Greek city and town was the agora, a marketplace and meeting place. It was a large, usually rectangular space surrounded by buildings. Platforms, altars and s
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What Greek items were found in the agora?

Items found at the greek agora were such as sandals, loral leaves, perfume, jewlery, oils, silk, weat, meat, and many many more. Also, clothing was also found, along with many