What ancient alien civilization was morbius studying in forbidden planet?

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The Krell. Dr. Morbius was a philologist- or a linguist- a language scholar and expert in different tongues.
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Why did ancient civilizations only know about six planets?

The ancients only knew about (5 planets + Earth) because to really see the other two you needed a telescope.. The planets they knew were: . Mercury . Venus . (Earth) . Mars . Jupiter . Saturn . All these are easily visible to the naked eye and of cause they can be seen to move against the (MORE)

What where the ancient civilizations?

The Aztecs in South America, Mayans in Central America, Incans in Peru, Romans in Europe, Egyptians in northern Africa , Babylonians, Assyrians, Sumerians, and Persians in modern Iraq, Greeks in Greece, Chinese in China (longest-lasting empire in the world, too), and probably many others that I did (MORE)

What do you call scientists who study ancient civilizations?

Archaeologists . Archaeology:-. 1. the scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains, esp. those that have been excavated. 2. Rare . ancient history; the study of antiquity.

What is the deeper represented meaning of the forbidden planet?

That humans (and Krell) are complex beings that are sometimes less than the sum of their parts. Sometimes more one part than others. In the case of the forbidden planet the Id was the bad guy. (Great Movie, Leslie Nielson's best. From YellowKnife NWT Canada.)

What kind of scientist studies aliens?

The study of hypothetical extraterrestrial life -in all of its aspects but keyed towards earth-style biology, is termed Exobiology- don:"t go looking this up in book stores.

What Primary differences between the study of society conducted by the people of ancient civilizations and the study of society conducted by sociologists in the 19th century?

Thinkers from very early civilisations have pondered upon the nature of mankind, its environment, existence and the material creation and so and so forth from a physical. phylosophical and biological perspective.. However purely sociological thoughts which focused exclusively on the how the society (MORE)

What are the ancient civilizations?

The first civilization was Uruk, but then came Ur, Babylon, Sippur, Nippar, and Lagash. Another very ancient village that came before Uruk was Catalhuyuk. . Its a civilization that has lived long before the modern and industrial age. The person above says Uruk was the first civilization but I (MORE)

Why study ancient civilizations?

We study it because that's very interesting.Where are from , who was our ancestor and etc. and till now where and how lived people.

Why study civilization?

study of ancient civilisations gives us o smooth path to produce better life. it helps us to get rid of mistaken again. it refreshes our memories with new ideas and it helps us to continue from the point ancient people stopped in . in short, it facilitate our development.

What planet have aliens?

ALL OF THeM!!. But seriously: We know of no planet except Earth with life on it in our solar system, and the conditions on other planets forbid advanced life. There are planets belonging to other suns, but they are very far away, and we have no information about life on them. It is extremely unlike (MORE)

Is there any evidence of ancient alien civilizations?

There is ample evidence of the presence of highly advanced beings found in the remnants of many ancient civilizations around the globe. The Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau in Egypt is a prime example. It is the largest structure ever built on Earth, more perfectly aligned to true north than any bu (MORE)

How do aliens from planet scardox have a baby?

Hi im scardoxalien4323 and im gonna tell you how to help your aliens give birth. 1)you put two aliens back to back 2)wrap up the two aliens in their goo 3)put is in the egg then in the fridge for an hour then wait 5-9 days 4)then you might see a leg or an arm apere in one one of the aliens 5)hold op (MORE)

Did the ancient Egyptians believe in aliens?

In the sense of foreigners, yes. In the sense of beings from another planet: definitely not. Ancient Egyptian language has the terms pdtyw , xastyw , smaw , pdt , all meaning "foreign people" and all followed by the sign for "foreign hill country". There is absolutely no term in the langua (MORE)

Is Superman an alien from another planet?

Yes- he is from the planet Krypton which exploded during hisinfancy and his biological father sent him away on a rocket toEarth just before the terrible incident occurred.

What planet had aliens?

We do not know. Scientists think that mars had water, which can mean there was life,mabe.

Are there alien planets?

All planets other than Earth could be considered alien. Earth isthe only planet known to harbor life.

Which planet is aliens in?

No planets are known to contain life, except for our very own Earth, at the moment. Although, there could possibly be life on one of Jupiter's moons, called Europa.

Is area 51 studying aliens?

Alot of people believe Area 51 examines and studies on Aliens. We I will cross the right answer. This is not opinion, it's stated fact. They have not found Aliens. They Might study on aliens, but they do not examine aliens. They focus on other things and most do not take any notice of UFO Sightings (MORE)

What was the planet calWhat was the planet called in Alien and Aliens?

your lipstick smells like cottoncandy bobbles at the pizza shack where there are fat ladys hula dancing there there is yummy fattning pizza but you wont gain weight if you eat it like a computer there are hippos in a mudbath on a volcano and the clouds ate there gludius maximus and then santa fell o (MORE)

Do you believe in Ancient Aliens?

I definitely do, simply because the Bible told me so. The Grigori were angels that became infatuated with 'earth women'... enough to 'leave heaven' and procreate a race of giants, from whom Goliath is descended. Then David slew him with a stone and a sling, and the rest is history. It's all in there (MORE)

What planet has an alien?

Unfortunately, no extraterrestrial life has been discovered to date, but astronomers are always on a close lookout!

Who studies the planet?

Someone who studies the planet would be called a Geologist . Someone who studies Space would be called an astronaimist . Both work together to gather information about earth.

What planet is bigger earth or alien planet?

There are many planets outside our solar system, some bigger and some smaller. So far we have mostly found larger ones as it is harder to detect ones the size of Earth and smaller.

Where can Forbidden Planet videos be bought?

You can purchase Forbidden Planet videos from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the website, type "Forbidden Planet" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the item.

Why is aliens not a study of science?

Astrobiology and exobiology are fields of science that include the search for life beyond Earth, and the possible effects of extraterrestrial environments on living things. There has been no confirmed evidence of life existing beyond the Earth as of 2013.

What was the ancient civilization?

There were several of them. "Ancient" usually concerns theCivilizations that existed anytime between about 4,000 BC until thefirst century AD. Most well-known are the Sumerian, Mesopotamianand Persian civilizations and the Egyptian, Greek and Romancivilizations. In the Americas, the Inca and Maya ci (MORE)

What are the ratings and certificates for Forbidden Planet - 1956?

Forbidden Planet - 1956 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp Australia:PG Brazil:Livre Canada:PG (Manitoba/Nova Scotia/Ontario) Finland:K-12 Iceland:L Sweden:15 Sweden:15 UK:U USA:TV-PG USA:Passed (National Board of Review) USA:Approved (certificate #17605) USA: (MORE)

What are the release dates for Forbidden Planet - 1956?

Forbidden Planet - 1956 was released on: USA: 15 March 1956 USA: 3 May 1956 (New York City, New York) Italy: 9 June 1956 France: 22 August 1956 Japan: 25 September 1956 Sweden: 10 December 1956 Turkey: 1957 Austria: 18 January 1957 Finland: 18 January 1957 West Germany: 5 Februa (MORE)