What and where is Georgia?

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Georgia is located on the east. in the Caucasus region . Capital city is Tbilisi. Population -4.395.000 . Total area - 69.7 km 2 . highest point is Mt' shkhara .
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Where is Georgia?

Georgia, the country, is in the Caucus region of Eurasia. Georgia, the state, is in the Southeast US on the Atlantic to the east of Alabama and the north of Florida.

What is a Georgia?

Georgia is a state in the United States. it's not only a state it is also a country around the world. Sometimes people and dogs can be called Georgia too.

Is Georgia the same as Atlanta Georgia?

Not necessarily, there are several regions around the world named Georgia. Georgia as in "the state of Georgia" is not the same as a city inside that state. . Georgia could

What can you do in Georgia?

You can go to the Cococola Factory, where you can try all different kinds like Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke, Diet Coke, ect., ect..

What are Georgia?

Georgia is a girl not a boy she is also very very very smart and has a georguse personallity
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How do you get to Georgia?

It is according to where you are coming from! Tell me and I will tell you how to get to where ever you want to go in Georgia.
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How did Georgia Pacific impact on Georgia?

Georgia Pacific is one of the major paper products manufacturers in the United States. This industry greatly improved the economy of the traditionally agricultural Georgia.
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What does Georgia have?

Georgia has many things. It has juicy ripe peaches, fresh dry peanuts, a warm climate and many other things.