What animals are in Angola?

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Animals that live in the country of Angola include giraffes, elephants, hyenas, and lions. Other animals include zebras, buffalo, and rhinos.

Where is Angola?

Angola is in Africa below Congo and right next to Zambia.

Is there an Angola Sea?

No. There is an offshore area in the Atlantic that Angola claims as its coastal waters, and articles relating to the discovery of oil off Angola's coast sometimes use the term

Are the Bantu in Angola?

The Bantu are the dominant ethnic group in Angola divided (often widely) into nine different tribal units with changing allegiances and each claiming soverignty over specific

How is Angola governed?

It is a Communist State closely aligned with China economically since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
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What are some animals native to Angola?

Some animals native to and exclusive to Angola are the Angolanadder, the Angolan girdled lizard, and the ashy reed frog. Otheranimals exclusive to Angola are the Raymond's ree