What animals are there in Slovenia?

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Bears, mosquitoes, grasshoppers...dogs- loads of dogs- cats...forest animals, I guess, 'cause they have forests, some sea animals 'cause there is some coastland.
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Where is Slovenia?

Slovenia is a country in central Europe with a short coast (46km)on the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered by Austria to the north,Croatia in the south, Italy to the west and it sha

What is the national animal of Slovenia?

The Lipizzaner , Proteus , Lynx and Alpine Ibex are the national animals of Slovenia. The Lipizzaner , Proteus , Lynx and Alpine Ibex are the national animals of S

Is any endangered animals in Slovenia?

Several. If we list only the best known ones - Brown Bear for instance could be called endangered, but is very stable in Slovenia. Then Lynx, Wolf, types of snakes etc.

Is Slovenia in Russia?

No Slovenia is a part of central Europe and it`s neighbours are Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Allthough it was a part of the former Yugoslavia and therefore considered

What was Slovenia part of?

The republic of Slovenia was a part of the Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ)

How did Slovenia get its name?

The name for the nation, Slovenes, was mentioned by a protestant priest and author Primoz Trubar in 1550s, describing the nation that lived in several different lands of the A

What are some animals found in Slovenia?

in slovenia, there are plenty of roe deer, squrirrel,brown bear,wolf, lynx,wild cat,capercaillie,pheasant. there are also many fish. for example, the fresh water crayfish whic