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The animals which lay eggs are known as Oviparous: these animals are completely formed in the eggshell with no development inside the womb of the mother.
Animals which lay eggs include birds, most reptiles, amphibians and fish, as well as the two monotremes (egg laying mammals) - the platypus and the echidna.
Most insects and arachnids also lay eggs.
which animals lay eggs, but is not a bird?
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What do you call an animal that lays eggs?

An egg-laying animal is called oviparous. Many animals lay eggs. Many reptiles, birds, fish and almost all amphibians lay eggs, as well as many arthropods. If the questi

What animals lay eggs to have babies?

Animals which lay eggs to reproduce include: . most reptiles . all birds . most fish . most amphibians . monotremes, which iare egg-laying mammals - platypuses and echidn

What animals lay eggs but cant fly?

Many reptiles such as certain snakes and lizards lay eggs. there are also some flightless birds for example the ostrich which lay eggs.

Do viviparous animals lay eggs?

Viviparous, by its very definition, means an animal that gives birth to live young. So no, viviparous animals do not lay eggs - oviparous animals lay eggs.

What animals lay eggs in Australia?

An egg-laying animal is called oviparous. There are many oviparous animals in Australia. All birds, as well as some reptiles, fish and almost all amphibians lay eggs, as well

What animals lay green eggs?

ive have seen eggs like that befor look up what animals lay SMALL green eggs for an better answer