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What animals lay eggs with shells?

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Reptiles and birds are the animals that hey eggs (with shells)
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Do sharks lay eggs in leathery shells?

yes some sharks do lay eggs in leathery pockets in the seaweed but some sharks for example the great white don't they will have between 1-3 sharks in there stomach but when th

What do you do if your chicken lays an egg with no shell?

This can happen, and if it happens often it means that the chicken's diet is incorrect. They need calcium in their diet in order to make the shell and this can be supplied by

Why does your Chicken lays egg with no shell?

It is probably because of a mineral deficiency. To fix that, you can buy oyster shell that has been crushed to feed them. And, if you want to, you can, after they start laying
In Ducks

Why is your duck laying soft shelled eggs?

They lay soft eggs because they aren't getting enough nutrients in  their diet. (More food.) Our littlest duck laid a soft egg, because  she got pushed around at the food bo