What animals lay soft eggs?

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Snakes and turtles.
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Does a platypus lay soft eggs?

Yes; platypuses lay soft, leathery eggs rather than hard-shelled eggs.

Why do chicken lay soft eggs?

There are a few reasons this can happen. As a hen ages out, and gets older she can stop producing good shell quality and cannot utilize the calcium she eats. She will still pr

Do amphibians lay soft eggs?

Yes, amphibians eggs have no outer coating, although they have a jelly like casing which can protect it.

Why do hens lay soft eggs?

Often as a hen first starts to lay, eggs may have soft shells until her body gets the gist of things. Shock can also cause a hen to lay an odd soft shelled egg. Although with

When hens lay soft small eggs?

Soft-shelled eggs indicate a lack of calcium in the hen's diet. Feed more oyster shell or finely-crushed, dry eggshells.

Why do the chicken lay eggs with soft shells?

This is often a problem with calcium intake or utilization. Hens that do not get fed enough calcium in the diet fail to produce well formed eggs. Laying a soft shell or "rubbe
In Ducks

Why is your duck laying soft shelled eggs?

They lay soft eggs because they aren't getting enough nutrients intheir diet. (More food.) Our littlest duck laid a soft egg, becauseshe got pushed around at the food bowl. I