What apps allow you to text on the ipad2?

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If you have a gmail account, look into using Google Voice for this.
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How do you install apps on your iPad2?

Go to the app store, type in the desired app, purchase it (you will need to enter your password) and it will download straight to your iPad 2.

What can ipad2 do?

Alot it can take pictures and it has a brighter screen than an I pad it plays apps and you can look up anything I just got one if your thinking about getting one they rock.
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What can you do with an ipad2?

\n. well, threres lots of things you can do with an ipad2. exaples:download apps download movies download music download books, you can download as many of everything as you
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How do you transfer apps to new computer from ipad2?

Very simple. The cable you use to charge your iPad can be used to connect to a USB port on your PC. It acts just like a Thumb Drive or a Flash Drive: what ever you want to cal