What apps can you download to get a signature?

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How do you download apps?

if you have wifi you can just download them off your ipod touch . if you dont have an ipod youch you will have to go onto itunes and go to apps and get free apps or paid ones

Where can you download lg cookie apps?

www.getjar.com is a great website for any type of phone. When you get on it say that your phone is the lg cookie (button in the top left corner), so it only shows apps for lg

Why is my app not downloading?

This maybe because you don't have enough memory on your iPod or that your broadband connection isn't strong enough. Hope this helps! X

Where can you download the iphone app store app?

The app store should come built in with the iPhone, if it's not there check your settings and restrictions, you may have locked it. If all else fails go on iTunes on the compu

What is a app signature?

Short for application signature. Specific signatures are required to consider an application complete. This section provides policy on who is required to sign an application a
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How do you download the app store app back?

There isnt really a way to delete it, well because it is a built in application. There are different app buying apps that people can buy from the itunes app store that is able