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What aquatic environment will not freeze in winter?

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Salt Marshes do not freeze during the winter.
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Why is an estuary such a productive aquatic environment?

Esturies form a common habitat for marine and riverine animals.They use these areas interchangably during various stages of their life.Many marine animals spans,lay eggs,hatch

Why is the frogs body suitable for aquatic environment?

because it has gills to breathe in the water. A frog is also a cold-blooded animal that can survive an aquatic environment. It also has a thick and rough skin that can protect

How do ducks not freeze in water in winter?

They swim about slowly in a circle (sometimes with other aquatic birds) as a group which prevents (up to certain temperatures) the water around them from freezing. ----------

What are the four important factors of aquatic environments?

Dissolved oxygen levels, amount of light penetration, levels of nutrients, and temperature. DO levels help the fish breath, light helps phytoplankton produce oxygen(which th

What is aquatic environment?

Answer   Aquatic means- water and environment means- surroundings. So this is a pond or ocean or river or marsh.   Answer   Waters, including wetlands, that ser

What role do phytoplankton play in an aquatic environment?

Q.What is the role of phytoplankton in an aquatic ecosystem? Ans.Phytoplankton are microscopic plants which obtain their energy via photosynthesis. They are important to the

Why coconut oil freeze in winter?

Coconut oil has got some natural tendency to freeze at a low temp. So if it freezes in winter season, it confirms it purity. Coconut oil has the freezing point of 25.1 deg. C

Do fish in lakes freeze in the winter?

To answer this question, you have to account for many variables. Excluding morphology of the lake and generalizing behavior (as well as species of fish) it is possible for fis

What is an Ephemeral Aquatic environment?

An ephemeral aquatic environment is a body of water that exists for only a very short time. It may be a shallow lake, an arroyo, a stream or spring, or even a small pool or pu

What is an aquatic environment?

an underwater environment. aqua means water, so u should be able to figure out what aquatic means without looking here an under water environment stupid an under water environ

Does a whole lake freeze in winter?

The entire surface of a lake may certainly become frozen during the wintertime in some areas, but unless the lake in question is fairly small, it is unlikely for a lake to fre