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Do you mean primary qualities? Primary qualities have to do with philosophy. If that's what you meant, ask the question again. It it's not, just delete my answer.
-DJ Craig
As by primary inequalities do u mean mathematical inequalities?.....if so there are inequalities considerinf triangles and arithmetic in inequalities.......im sure ur familiar wait wat an equation is ...(3+2=5)...is an equation..... nd the laws of an equation are that u can switch any component of te equation to any part as u chng te sign of te function used ..that is....(3+2=5 is also 3=5-2 nd 2=5-3 ) and anoter example (6/2=3 is also 6=3*2 nd so on)....inequalities follow te same law.......but instead of an equation the symbol '<' and '>' and '<=' and '>=" are used.....ie is lesser than , greater than , lesser than or equal to and greater than or equal to.......(3+2>4) is an inequality.....te same laws of equations are applicable here.....
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What is inequality?

its when an equation has a > sign or a < sign.. such as x

What is an inequality?

  a statement that two quantities are unequal, indicated by the symbol   I found this at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/inequality

What is linear inequalities?

it deals with the symbols "greater than" and "less than". it also deals with the things that are not equal.

What are inequalities?

  An inequality is actually an equation. It is solved just like an equation, except it has no exact answer. Instead many numbers will satisify the inequality. For this r

How do you do inequations?

By "inequations" I assume you mean "inequalities" because I can't think of anything else other than equations where the equation sign is crossed, and I don't think you mean th

How do you do inequalities?

You solve inequalities by making it easier for the individuals who  have less to overcome their circumstances. For governments,  creating social programs will help the less

What is a double inequality?

A double inequality is an inequality where there are two signs, as opposed to one. Ex: an inequality could be 3x < 15 A double inequality could be 3x < 15 < x + 20 If you'd w

Is it true gender serves as the primary basis for social inequality?

Sex, actually: gender refers to abstract concepts or inanimate nouns; not human beings.. It depends on the particular society. In many Muslim & Roman Catholic countries, and
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How to do inequality?

It's the same thing as solving an equation, the minor difference is to change the inequality sign when the numbers change signs(i.e negative to positive to negative).