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A few funny jokes are:
What do you call a girl lawyer?

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side!

Knock Knock.
Who's there? ADHD kid.
ADHD kid who?
Oh, hey, wanna go ride bikes?

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Interrupting cow.
Interrupting cow- MOO!"
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Is this joke funny?

How is wastewater treated from the bathroom and kitchen is treatedbefore discharged into the sea? Answer: Because it is dischargedinto the sea. It's sardonic humor.good

Are jokes funny?

Jokes do not have to be funny. But if they are not funny, they are not really jokes! There are bad jokes and there are good jokes. Good jokes are better. Bad jokes can be emba

Who has a funny joke?

Whenever they say a word say your mum quickly. do this a lot and you will enjoy it. Also whenever they say a word you can say "who" then "what" then "when" then "where" and ke

What is really funny appropriate joke?

there are lots but ill tell you a few today root beer joke: what do trees drink? A: root beer get it ROOT beer skeleton joke: what did the french skeleton say before he

What are som funny jokes?

It depends on your opinion. If you like this one bu someone else like another joke it is your own opinion. What you like could be some funny joke.

Why are pepito jokes so funny?

Pepito jokes are funny to people who get the nasty side of it or the unrated side of the joke. Even the name Pepito sounds funny in general. Hope fully I answer your question

What is an extremely funny joke?

There was once a boy named Bobby and his teacher asked him tofigure out the first five letters of the alphabet. He went home tohis mom and asked, "Mom, what is the first lette
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What are some funny but mature jokes?

QUESTION: What is the least races animal? ANSWER: The Panda. Why? Because, it's Asian, black, and white! Chocolate Ice Cream(i don't take credit for this one, my friend
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Why are jokes funny?

well..the jokes could very, but if there's different reasons why jokes could be considered funny because well, SARCASM would be one reason and well i would agree, there are
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What are funny jokes about the?

funny jokes are all about the laughter taking the mickey out of an animal or an human or even just a simple object jokes can be a great thing as long as their funny jokes have
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Funny funny jokes laugh out loud?

What you call a black people going down a slide?a) a oilspill . If you put black people on a stiick ?a) a cooncabob . How do chinese people name their kids?a) by thoughing d