What are 10 important events in history?

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It is difficult to measure "important" events, since different people may weigh certain events with different criteria. Events before the advent of writing are prehistory. It does seem like the timeline of new inventions is becoming closer together.
Historically Important Events
  1. Invention of electricity
  2. Invention of the internet/wireless technology
  3. Invention of the Printing Press
  4. Industrial Revolution--new manufacturing processes
  5. Invention of penicillin, polio vaccine
  6. Invention of the internal combustion engine
  7. Space Travel, both manned and unmanned
  8. The Fall of the Berlin Wall
  9. The American Revolution
  10. The Holocaust and other genocides in the 20th century
  11. World Wars I and II - rewriting borders in Europe
  12. End of slavery/apartheid within the last hundred years.
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