What are 5 reasons leading up to the American Revolution?

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The colonists did not pay any taxes until after the French and Indian War in 1763. Then Britain decided it was time they should pay for the war. This was even though the British made a treaty with the Native Americans to keep the colonists east of the Appalachian Mountains and paid the natives to take scalps of any colonist that violated this treaty. The British passed the so called Navigational Acts that said that the colonists should trade only with Britain even though the colonists could buy goods cheaper from the Dutch. Next came the Sugar Act making colonists pay tax on sugar and Stamp Act putting tax on newspapers and official documents (later removed). The Townshend Act taxed only imported goods. On March 5, 1770 there was a riot in Boston during which British soldiers shot dead five colonists that were throwing snowballs and rocks. This incident was known as Boston Massacre. Another incident was the Boston Tea Party where colonists dressed as Native Americans and threw out the tea brought by British ships into the harbor after passing the Tea Act giving a British company the right to sell tea to the colonists. Britain closed the harbor, brought troops to live in Boston homes, and planned on taking colonists to England to be tried for their crimes.
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What are the reasons for th American victory in the American revolution?

Answer . The king underestimated the abilities of the American Colonists and failed to adequately supply British troops. Their tactics were also inadequate for the type of fighting that they encountered in the woods and hills of the American Colonies. The British military wanted to fight in "ran (MORE)

What were the events leading up to the american revolution?

One of the events that led up to the American Revolution was thefeeling that the colonists had about how they were treated. Theyfelt they should be treated the same as the British. The colonistsfelt that they were being taxed, but had no representation.

Reasons that caused American Revolution?

There were many things that lead up to and caused the American revolution. Follow the attached link to the Declaration on Wikipedia and read the section titled: Indictment. The passage is pasted here.. Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which con (MORE)

Events leading to the american revolution?

Before the American Revolution, the colonists were unhappy aboutthe taxes they had to pay to Britain. This led to the Boston TeaParty and the passage of the Intolerable Acts.

How did the Stamp Act lead to the American Revolution?

because it was between the Britain and American The Stamp Act served as the "last straw" the colonists were willing to put up with from Great Britain and how it controlled the colonies. The Stamp Act was one of the so-called "Intolerable Acts" that Great Britain passed that harshly affected the col (MORE)

What led up to the American Revolution?

The frustration that had been building as result of . Stamp Act of 1765 Stamp Act - The British decree taxing all legal papers Issued in the colonies. The cause of the Stamp Act is that it was the first time British tried to tax paper, had to have a stamp in order tax. The effect of the Stamp act (MORE)

What was the reason for the American Revolution?

The colonists didn't want to go by British law. the british believed to be better than the Americans (at that time they were only colonists)because the Americans needed the help of the british in the french and Indian war (also known as the seven years war). the british began taxation and the coloni (MORE)

What are the events that led up to the American revolution and the french revolution?

One reason is that the French monarchy really liked to spend money. King Louis XVI was always trying to keep up with the expenses of his wife, Marie Antoinette (nicknamed "Madame Deficit"). The people of France were split up into three estates: 1) The clergy, 2) The nobility, and 3) The peasants and (MORE)

What factors lead to both the French Revolution and the American Revolution?

The reasons the french revolution started were 1. Social and Political Inequalities 2. Economic debt of the government 3. Influence from the enlightenment and American revolution 4. Outbreak of revolution in 1789 The reasons the American revolution started 1. King George III of Britain was a tyrant (MORE)

How did the townshend acts lead to the American Revolution?

The Townshend Acts weren't necessarily the main cause for therevolution, but they did cause a lot of friction between thecolonists and Britain. The Townshend Acts taxed the colonists onglass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. The colonists rejected theseduties, and therefore boycotted them, while coloni (MORE)

What were the cause leading up to the french revolution?

There were many events that led up to the French Revolutionary War.Some of the major events include the economic crisis in France,famine of the people, the royalsâ?? lack of understanding of whatthe commoners were going through, and the American Revolution War.

Did the American Revolution lead to a constitution like the French Revolution?

No.. In general terms, the American Revolution came about because the British government did not fully realize the seriousness of the unrest and dissatisfaction which soon developed in its colonies in North America. The British government in London considered the distant colonies more as a possessi (MORE)

What were the three acts that lead to the American revolution?

tea stamp sugar intolerable acts etc. you take you pick... Add on, Navigation Acts, Quartering acts and the association of these acts with the taxation from the French Indian War that left England so endebted that they had to raise taxes everywhere.

How did the American Revolution lead to the French Revolution?

Because the American Revolution gave the people of France thebelieve that if the American could break away from their mothercountry England, which was one of the strongest in the world at thetime, and having French soldiers participate in the AmericanRevolution, gave them the idea that they no longe (MORE)

What events lead up to the American Revolution and the writing of the Decleration of Independence?

1763: Treaty between Britain and France ends the French and Indian War. 1764: Britain's Parliament passes the Sugar Act, taxing molasses imported to the Colonies. 1765: Parliament passes the Stamp Act, taxing all printed materials, and the Quartering Act, requiring colonists to let British troopsc (MORE)

Factors leading to the American Revolution?

American hostility toward the Mother Country for the introduction of what were called the Intolerable Acts which among other things included taxation without representation.

How did salutary neglect lead to the american revolution?

The undocumented British policy known as the Salutary NeglectPolicy was put in place in an attempt to make the American coloniesobedient to Great Britain. The American colonies understood thatwhile this policy was in place they could not grow. TheRevolutionary War was an attempt to break free of thi (MORE)

Reasons for American patriots prevailing in the American Revolution?

Americans fought on their own land: they were familiar with it, and they fought for it. . The militia may have been unorganized, but the unconventional tactics of the country men were adequate. They learned ambush tactics and preferred hand-to-hand combat from the days of the French and Indian Wa (MORE)

Steps Leading to the American Revolution?

there are nine i know a few the stamp act the sugar act the quartering act the declaratory act the Townsend act the Boston massacre the Boston tea party and the intolerable acts. there is eight hoe that helps.

What were some events leading up to French and American Revolution?

You can find the answer in the following link, which leads to the AP American History text book: http://wps.ablongman.com/long_divine_appap_7/23/5926/1517172.cw/index.html You can copy the link and paste it in you browser. When you have the text book web site open, go to chapter 5. THERE YOU WIL (MORE)

Reasons for the American victory in the revolution?

The American Colonies consisted of a vast continent of wooded and primitive land with few roads and virtually no bridge crossing of the major rivers. The territory size and primitive state hampered English efforts to contain the rebellion. General George Washington's troops often fought commando (MORE)

What are four reasons the American Revolution started?

Their are many different reasoning's for the American Revolution. 1. British Taxation. 2. American Colonists response's to the taxes. 3. The Colonies lacked representation in Parliament (British Government) 4. Some people say Tomas Paine started the war by writing Common Sense.

What are the major reasons for the American Revolution War?

The American Revolutionary War began when the American colonists rejected the legitimacy and much of the legislation of Great Britain's Parliamentary system. American colonists wanted to be governed with representation and believed that Parliament did not do so. American colonists began petitionin (MORE)

How did social contract theory lead to the American revolution war?

John Locke's social contract theory was that people are endowed with the rights of Life, Liberty, and Property and it was the governments job to protect these natural rights, and the government's power should come from the consent of the governed. These ideas were utilized in the writing of the Decl (MORE)

What are two reasons Americans won the American Revolution?

Some would contend that it was because their cause was just. They may have been more persistent in combat because they had so much to lose if they failed and much of the credit must be given to France for all of the support and military aid they provided to the Patriot cause.

What is the main reason for the American Revolution?

America was tired of being ruled, by a terrible king, under the English crown. Also, the colonials were to being consented to the changes that were happening to their land, such as taxation, and having to be constantly watched by the English army, which stayed in the thirteen colonies.

What are six events that lead to the American Revolution?

Well let me start at the beginning shall I? America wasn't always its own separate country. It used to be colonies controlled by England. When everyone was first exploring, and they found the Americas, everyone went immediately to the easy money places. Spain went to the mountainous areas and got go (MORE)

How did the navigation acts lead to American revolution?

Since the navigation acts only allowed the American colonists totrade with their mother country, ( and based on the idea that themother country should be more powerful than their colony ) Eanglandcould raise their prices on the furnished goods that they exportedonto the colonies as high as they want (MORE)

What were the reasons you won the American Revolution?

Most importantly, the French joined our side,we could not and would not have won without their support. Other then that we had strong military leaders like George Washington as well as some luck such as at the battle of Yorktown.

How did the quartering act lead to American revolution?

SO Britain said here America your rebelling and dumping our tea. so instead of shooting you or anything else. we are going to have you house our troops. you will cook for them and clean their clothes. well how would you like this soldier with a gun in your house watching you 24/7 this also lead to (MORE)

What was 2 important events happened in Boston that lead up to the American Revolution?

Tea tax, (Tea act)- British taxed the colonists on tea. Boston tea party, - Colonists dumping tea into the Boston Harbor Sugar act - BRitish taxed the colonits on sugar No taxation without representation- Is what the colonits called it when british taxed them unreasonably and didnt let them have a s (MORE)

What were the concerns of the colonists that lead to the American revolution?

Britain was in a war with France that was costing a lot oftreasure. They decided to impose taxes on the colonies to help payfor the war and gave the colonies no say in the matter. Thecolonies resented this and there were rumblings of insurrection. Asa result the King sent troops to put down any trou (MORE)