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What are 5 reasons leading up to the American Revolution?

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The colonists did not pay any taxes until after the French and Indian War in 1763. Then Britain decided it was time they should pay for the war. This was even though the British made a treaty with the Native Americans to keep the colonists east of the Appalachian Mountains and paid the natives to take scalps of any colonist that violated this treaty. The British passed the so called Navigational Acts that said that the colonists should trade only with Britain even though the colonists could buy goods cheaper from the Dutch. Next came the Sugar Act making colonists pay tax on sugar and Stamp Act putting tax on newspapers and official documents (later removed). The Townshend Act taxed only imported goods. On March 5, 1770 there was a riot in Boston during which British soldiers shot dead five colonists that were throwing snowballs and rocks. This incident was known as Boston Massacre. Another incident was the Boston Tea Party where colonists dressed as Native Americans and threw out the tea brought by British ships into the harbor after passing the Tea Act giving a British company the right to sell tea to the colonists. Britain closed the harbor, brought troops to live in Boston homes, and planned on taking colonists to England to be tried for their crimes.
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What is the main reason for the American Revolution?

America was tired of being ruled, by a terrible king, under the English crown. Also, the colonials were to being consented to the changes that were happening to their land, su

How did the navigation acts lead to American revolution?

Since the navigation acts only allowed the American colonists to  trade with their mother country, ( and based on the idea that the  mother country should be more powerful t

What was the reason for the American Revolution?

The colonists didn't want to go by British law. the british believed to be better than the Americans (at that time they were only colonists)because the Americans needed the he

How did the American Revolution lead to the French Revolution?

Because the American Revolution gave the people of France the  believe that if the American could break away from their mother  country England, which was one of the stronge

What lead to the American Revolution?

What lead to the American Revolution was that Britain did not take care of the colonies as the should have.

How did the American revolution lead to the civil war?

Because the Constitution led to endless disagreements about States' Rights (the freedom of one state to over-rule federal laws), whch was the root cause of the Civil War.

Steps Leading to the American Revolution?

there are nine i know a few the stamp act the sugar act the quartering act the declaratory act the Townsend act the Boston massacre the Boston tea party and the intolerable ac

Reasons for the American victory in the revolution?

The American Colonies consisted of a vast continent of wooded and primitive land with few roads and virtually no bridge crossing of the major rivers. The territory size and pr