What are Anti knocking agent in fuel?

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'Gasoline' has the potential to ignite too early ('detonate') in high compression combustion engines, producing a 'knocking' or 'ping' effect. The first compound discovered to remedy this effect was tetraethyllead (tetra-ethyl-lead, TEL). This anti-knocking agent therefore came into widespread use in petroleum, but use of this chemical began to be phased out after the toxicity of lead became known.

Thus other antiknock agents used instead of tetraethyllead are: ferrocene, iron pentacarbonyl, toluene, MMT (an organomagnesium compound) and several others.
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Why will a Chevy Tahoe not start gets spark and fuel 50 psi has new battery and fuel pump could it be the knock sensor?

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What is knocking?

Depends on the knocking. The pinging you sometimes get when driving, especially when it is hot outside is caused by detonation. On a gasoline engine, the fuel is supposed to be ignited by the spark plugs. However, it can and does sometime ignite from the heat that is generated by the compression of (MORE)

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Will a richer fuel mixture prevent a high compression motor from engine knock?

The three things that will help you're knocking problem are:. 1. Retard the timing.. 2. Use higher octane fuel. 3. Lower the combustion temp by adding an EGR valve, or making sure the one you have works.. I'd assume the EGR valve is not something that you want to do. I wouldn't.. Obviously, "4" (MORE)

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What is anti-knocking agent in petrol?

The most common agent is Methyl tert-butyl ether , also known as methyl tertiary butyl ether and MTBE ; a chemical compound with molecular formula C 5 H 12 O. MTBE is a volatile, flammable and colorless liquid that is immiscible with water. MTBE has a minty odour vaguely reminiscent of diethyl e (MORE)

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What is the influence of chemical structure of fuel on knock?

Since, Fuels= Carbon + Hydrogen (i.e Hydrocarbons) i) Longer the Carbon Chain in the Compound, Higher will be Knock. ii) Straighter the Carbon chain again higher will be knocking. iii) addition of Methyl Group as a side chain in Hydrocarbon decreases the Knock tendency. iv) More closer and c (MORE)

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Is there a cleaning agent in all gasoline that cleans the fuel system including valves and enjectors?

The problem with gasoline is that it is transferred from one place to another so often that it will pick up dirt particles along the way. It goes from the refinery to a tank, then to a long haul truck to another tank, eventually to the truck that brings it to your local station tank and finally to y (MORE)

Why are anti-knock additives used in petrol?

Lead was original used to help prevent knocking in vehicles. Its current application in fuel is very rare one of the last registered places using leaded fuels is Indonesia. Knocking occurs when the engine fails to combust correctly. It is the goal of a manufacturer to have complete combustion each t (MORE)

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What is knocking and anti knocking agents?

Knocking in gas engines is when the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder self-ignites due to compression instead of waiting on the spark plug spark to ignite it. Anti-knocking agents are substances that let's the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder be compressed more w/o self-igniting.