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What are Basic parts of a computer keyboard?

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numeric keys,function keys,main keyboard, editing keypad, arrow keys
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What are the parts and functions of a computer keyboard?

A keyboard is comprised of the casing, a circuit board, a membrane, the keys and any other function buttons. The membrane sits between the circuit board and the keys and has a

What is the part of computer keyboard?

Computer keyboards many keys. All the different key are part of the following categories: 1. Control keys (like Ctrl & Alt) 2. Typing keys ( A to Z and .,?!£* etc) 3

Is a keyboard part of a computer?

The keyboard is technically not part of the computer. It is a "peripheral," like the mouse, printer, etc.

Different parts of a computer keyboard?

Function Keys o Across the top of a keyboard are a row of keys called the Function Keys. Each key is composed of the letter F and a number, ranging from F1 to F12. Each of t