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Bombers are military aircrafts designed to attack targets on both land and sea. They can drop bombs, fire torpedo's or launch missiles.
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What is a suicide bomber?

A suicide bomber is someone who blows up public places. They want to kill themselves and other people. It is where a person lets off a bomb killing the bomber and other people

Who can be a suicide bomber?

Anyone who is a psychopath and a terrorist. Anyone who believes that he/she is fighting for a principle that is greater than life can become a suicide bomber. A fighter pilot

Who were the Bronx Bombers?

It is one nickname among many others referring to the New York Yankees. Other nicknames The Bronx Bombers, The Bombers, The Yanks, The Pinstripers, The Bronx Zoo, The Ev

What is Candy Bombers?

After World War II, Germany was occupied by American, British, French and Russian military forces. The German city of Berlin, which was completely inside the Soviet sector, wa

What are green bombers?

It is a type of deep sea worm that fires little green glow in the dark balloon structures to disorientate any predators following it.

What is the smallest bomber?

Although the F-105 Thunderchief was the largest single engine jet fighter-bomber made, and was the USAFs only purpose built "fighter-bomber" (all others were fighters or inter

What was the Berlin bomber?

Germany had a masterful array of heavy bombers- called both Gothas ( from the manufacturer) and the even more technologically advanced R-planes this stood for Riesenflugzeuge-

What are drone bombers?

Remotely controlled pilot-less aircraft operated from miles away via computer that are primarily used for reconnaissance, although more and more they are arming them and using

Who was Stuka bomber?

The 'Stuka' was a single engined, low wing dive bomber made by the German company Junkers. It was actually not a very successful aircraft and only gained fame when used in lar
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Are Muslims bombers?

No. Muslims are adherents to the religion Islam. Most Muslims arejust ordinary people. A small percentage of Muslims have becometerrorists who target the United States and oth