What are Clarion CD error codes?

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questionplease send me code Peugeot 306 .9 diesel car
Model no clarion cdc634 digital audio / 6 disc CD changer
please send me this CD player code thank you  please send me code Peugeot 306 .9 diesel car
Model no clarion cdc634 digital audio / 6 disc CD changer
please send me this CD player code thank you
my email address
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Because several wires on a Clarion CD player wiring harness are not color coded the same as the wires on the factory radio wiring harness in a 1998 Dodge Caravan how do you know which wires connect?

So Im geussing you cut the stock wiring harness off, that makes things a little more complicated. This is what you need to do, its actually pretty simple. Get a voltage meter is number one. The three main wires youll need to find are the constant, accessorie, and ground. Make sure all of the wires a (MORE)

What is error code E33 on CD changer?

An error code E33 on a CD changer means that the disk tray door isopen. If the door is not actually open, the sensor is bad thatreads if the door is open or closed.

How do you fix error 99 in CD player?

In order to fix an error 99 problem on a CD player, try turning theCD player off and leaving it off for about 60 seconds. You thenwill want to re-start the CD player and try to insert a CD.

Why do I keep getting CD error in car CD player?

Are you trying to play a home recorded CD? Some home made CDs have in correct format and will not be read by some players, giving you the CD error code. Is it happening with one disk or all disks? Sometimes scratches can cause the error. If it's happening with all disks, this could be poor or da (MORE)

What is G35 Infinity CD error fo?

Compact disc player error codes identify a problem with the compactdisc player. A list of error codes can be obtained from the compactdisc player manufacture.

Error Code 3 on the CD player comes up on a 2003 XL-7 what does it mean?

The pick-up-focus is not properly functioning during a playback due to damages on the disc or other reasons. I have the same problem. They say take to dealer, they are untrained for this problem So I will remove the radio myself. If a can't get it repair, I will get a new one from Best Buy.

Buick error code 42?

Error code 42 means a duplicate device was detected. This error occurs when a bus driver incorrectly creates two identically named sub-processes (known as a bus driver error), or when a device with a serial number is discovered in a new location before it is removed from the old location. You may be (MORE)

How do you get error codes for Town Country?

Use a scan tool. The scan tool will give you the code and the description of the problem. Alternatively, the Town and Country (And most Chrysler vehicles built after 1996) have a built in ignition activated error code reporting system. Turn the ignition On-Off-On-Off-On within a five second perio (MORE)

How do you reset a CD error code 1?

You may be prompted to provide the path of the driver. Windows may have the driver built-in, or may still have the driver files installed from the last time that you set up the device. If you are asked for the driver and you do not have it, you can try to download the latest driver from the hardware (MORE)

1997 Acura Integra CD Error code 3?

I had that problem with my 98 integra and I called the dealer and they asked me if I had have electrical problems and yes, my battery was dead so they told me that I have to take the car to the dealer and they will pull out the radio to get the serial number and put a code in the radio so that it wo (MORE)

What is iTunes error code 4550?

iTunes error code 4550 is an error that occurs when trying to burnmusic to a CD. One common fix is to try burning onto a differentCD.

What does CD Load Error mean?

Since this is for a 6-disc changer, sounds like it's jammed....How do you get it unjammed is a really good question. Ok, try these steps. Try the items listed in the following link: http://www.wikihow.com/Remove-a-Stuck-CD-from-a-Car-CD-Player I have a 2003 Mountaineer with a 6 CD and you could s (MORE)

How do you fix error code Acura CL CD player?

You can disconnect the battery. Then connect it back, use your secret code and it should work again. There are 3 step to repair CD player error If you got CD player error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair CD player error you need to follow the steps (MORE)

Why does your CD player on your 2004 jaguar say CD error?

Dirty/Scratched CD is most likely. A dirty/scratched lens could be the cause as well.. Does it do this with all CD's? Alot of times, CD players won't play a burned CD, one made by you on your computer.. If it does it with all CD's, it likely a problem with the unit itself. You can try a Lens clean (MORE)

What does the error code error 1 mean on a 2001 Audi CD player?

It means that the CD changer is malfunctioning. Mostly happends after condensation, due to it's location near the taillight. Go in the back, clean any moisture, take out the CD, and re-insert it. Problem should be solved. Audi should put this as one of the most common defects between the 99-03 a6 Th (MORE)

Clarion adx5555z color code wiring?

You can find the Clarion adx5555z color code wiring online atplaces like The 12 Volt and Team Clarion. You can also find thewiring coding at stores that sell and install Clarion stereos inthe manuals.

What is error 9 on rdc634 clarion CD player?

Error 9 on that particular changer is a weak RF signal error. That means that the unit is not sending out a strong enough signal to the antenna.. Error 9 on that particular changer is a weak RF signal error. That means that the unit is not sending out a strong enough signal to the antenna.

E-01 error on CD changer?

For my 1998 VW new beetle My car had this problem. It worked 80% of the time. I used the radio most of the time but when I started to listen to some CDs, I would get errors and the whole thing would just freeze. I started having overheating issues with my car so I had a mechanic fix the problem. (MORE)

How do get error codes?

Go to the playstation 3 web site and select (support) on the left side of the page then select (error code) on right side of the page then input your code and sony will assist you in fixing the problem but most of the time you will be told to send in your ps3 (Dont due this without doing a little re (MORE)

What is the wiring color code for a clarion dxz945mp?

purple right rear + speaker purple/black right rear - green left rear + green/black left rear - white fr left + white/black fr left - grey fr right + grey/black fr right - blue auto antenna blue/white rem amp brown phone mute orange/white illumination red accessory

How to resolve Cd key registration error - code 105?

Generally speaking, Error code 105 means the software is unable to identify the CD key number you've entered.. This could be due to the CD key number being bogus, or it could be something as simple as you typing the wrong letter or number ... for example, the number zero and the letter O can look t (MORE)

What is error code C00D10DA?

This error from Windows Media Player is a burner error. Microsoft has suggestions for this problem on their site. Go to related link below.

What is Error code 51100?

Nintendo DS Error Code 51100 usually means your DS didn't successfully connect via Wi-Fi. If you have a WEP password, make sure it is entered correctly. If you are using MAC address filtering, add an exception for the DS (or disable it).

Is there parking brakeBypass codes for clarion vx409 DVD player?

Yes. Take the green wire that is meant to go to the e-brake light switch and ground it to the truck and put a on/off switch in the wire. Every time you turn the vehicle on you just simply rock the switch on then off and the screen will work without the e-brake.

How do you fix a error code of p2305?

K just figured it on customers 03 neon. Checked pretty much all threads and got lucky. Basically all threads want you to clean all ground positions thoroughly. They also state to back track every wire from coil back to pcm. This car would run good then develop a strong misfire, like running on 2 or (MORE)

How do you the error code 51099 on my ds?

I don't Know, i am having the same problam trying to upload pics onto face book but i cant get the internet working. I have the same error code as you but with a 0 in front of it. I think we need internet which we get with the error code which needs internet to work! so stupid!

What is the error code 404?

Answer * Error Code 404 is usually found on web pages. Which means that the website you requested is available, but the server can't connect to it.

What to do in Maplestory error code 40?

I got error code 40- 21- 30 and no internet connection, Norton was the problem. I had an expired norton anti virus and sometimes active nortons will mess it up too. Also check your internet explorer tools-internet options-connections tab- lan settings and make sure none are checked off unless you ha (MORE)

What to do about a P0753 error code?

Sounds like you have an electrical problem with shift solenoid A, located inside your automatic transmission. You need to replace it or have someone do it for you. Also, drain and replace your transmission fluid about every 30k miles or every 100k if you use Dexron III ATF, as this is the one of (MORE)

What is error code 0xE001003D?

The error code 0xE001003D refers to an error installing AVGantivirus software. The best thing to do is to uninstall thesoftware and reinstall it.

How do you fix the CD error on Ford Escape?

\n. My 2006 Ford Escape CD player has stopped working. The radio and digital clock still work fine. It reads out CD error when I insert a CD. Then ejects it. Please help.

What are the errors in this code?

public class NullPointer { public void myMethod()throws Exception{ NullPointerException e = new NullPointerException(); throw e; } public static void main(String args[]){ try{ myMethod(); } System.out.println("Exception thrown"); catch(NullPointerException ex){ System.out.println(ex.getMessage() (MORE)

What are error codes?

Error codes are codes that tell when a computer or car is havingproblems and a rough idea as to what the are. Beyond that, we willneed a more specific question.