What are El Salvador's Christmas traditions?

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Christmas in El Salvador is celebrated with a family gathering at a traditional dinner to commemorate the birth of baby Jesus. Dinner is generally served after the entire family attends Mass (Misa del Gallo) on Christmas eve, which is celebrated in all churches exactly at midnight. Upon returning from church, the fabulous dinner consisting generally of oven roasted turkey, chicken or hen is served together with rice, potato salad, and fresh salad. Usual drinks are: beer, rum, wines or sodas, known as gaseosas. Fruit juices are commonly served to kids and of course the typical Horchata (mix of pulverized milk, cocoa beans and pumpkin seeds) can never fail.
Children celebrate Christmas with firecrackers and fireworks while they wait for Santa Claus´ arrival with toys.
The majority of Catholics decorate their homes with a Christmas tree garlanded with brilliant colorful decorations (green, red, yellow, golden, silver, etc.) and a Nativity scene that consists of a miniature representation of the Nativity when Jesus Christ was born. This Nativity scene includes vegetation, colored sawdust and art. The centerpiece of the Nativity scene is the figurines of Joseph, the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus
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el salvador traditions are things that the people have done over a period of time and the people think they deserve a special thanks.
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