What are G class stars?

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G Class stars have the following characteristics.

  • Temperature: 5,200 -> 6,000 Kelvin
  • Colour: Yellow -> Yellow-white
  • Mass: 0.8 -> 1.04 Solar masses
  • Radius: 0.96 -> 1.15 Solar radius
  • Luminosity: 0.6 -> 1.5 Solar luminosities.
  • Rarity: 7.6% of all main sequence stars.
Example: Our Sun

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What is the spectral class of stars where intelligent life can exist?

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What is the coolest spectral class of stars?

\nThis is more complicated than it might seem. The short answer is "M, T, or Y, depending."\n. \nThe coolest type in the Harvard classification system is M; red or (in late M) brown dwarfs. Class M stars have temperatures below around 3700 K.\n. \nIn order to further distinguish between stars at t (MORE)

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What class of star is our sun?

Our Sun is a G star. A "G" class has a temperature range 5,200 -> 6,000K Colour, Yellow to yellowish white Mass, 0.8 -> 1.04 of the Sun Luminousity 0.6 -> 1.5 of the Sun

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What class of star is polaris?

Polaris has a spectral type of F7 meaning it has a temperature of 6,000 -> 7,500 Kelvin and has a apparent colour of white

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What class of star is Sirius?

Sirius is actually a binary star system consisting of two stars: A white main sequence star (spectral type A1) named Sirius A and a white dwarf companion star named Sirius B (spectral stype DA2). The Sirius binary star system is very bright (Bayer designation αlpha CMa) partly because of the lu (MORE)

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What are F class stars?

F Class stars have the following characteristics. . Temperature: 6,000 -> 7,500 Kelvin . Colour: Yellow-white -> White . Mass: 1.04 -> 1.4 Solar masses . Radius: 1.15 -> 1.4 Solar radius . Luminosity: 1.5 -> 5 Solar luminosities. . Rarity: 3% of all main sequence stars. Examples: Canopus See (MORE)

What are O class stars?

O Class stars have the following characteristics. . Temperature: > 30,000 Kelvin . Colour: Blue . Mass: > 16 Solar masses . Radius: >6.6 Solar radius . Luminosity: > 30,000 Solar luminosities. . Rarity: 0.00003% of all main sequence stars. Example: Zeta Orionis See related link for more info (MORE)

What are A class stars?

A Class stars have the following characteristics. . Temperature: 7,500 -> 10,000 Kelvin . Colour: White -> Blue-white . Mass: 1.4 -> 2.1 Solar masses . Radius: 1.4 -> 1.8 Solar radius . Luminosity: 5 -> 25 Solar luminosities. . Rarity: 0.6% of all main sequence stars. Examples: Sirius See re (MORE)

What are B class stars?

B Class stars have the following characteristics. . Temperature: 10,000 -> 30,000 Kelvin . Colour: Blue -> Blue-white . Mass: 2.1 -> 16 Solar masses . Radius: 1.8 -> 6.6 Solar radius . Luminosity: 25 -> 30,000 Solar luminosities. . Rarity: 0.13% of all main sequence stars. Examples: Rigel Se (MORE)

What are K class stars?

K Class stars have the following characteristics. . Temperature: 3,700 -> 5,200 Kelvin . Colour: Orange -> Yellow orange . Mass: 0.45 -> 0.8 Solar masses . Radius: 0.7 -> 0.96 Solar radius . Luminosity: 0.08 -> 0.6 Solar luminosities. . Rarity: 12.1% of all main sequence stars. Examples: Arct (MORE)

What are M class stars?

M Class stars have the following characteristics. . Temperature: < 3,700 Kelvin . Colour: Red -> Orange-red . Mass: < 0.45 Solar masses . Radius: < 0.7 Solar radius . Luminosity: < 0.08 Solar luminosities. . Rarity: 76.45% of all main sequence stars. Examples: Betelgeuse See related link for (MORE)

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Is the sun a class g star?

Yes. Our Sun's classification, based on spectral class, is a main sequence G2V star. It designated as a yellow dwarf star. G2 indicates its surface temperature of approximately 5778 K (5505 °C), and V indicates that the Sun, like most stars, is a main sequence star.

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What spectral class of stars are the hotteset?

Type-O are the hottest but there are very few. Then type-B, thereare more of them but still not a lot. Then you have type-A, whichare very common, then F, then G like the Sun, then K and then thecoolest common ones, type M which are the red stars likeBetelgeuse.