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What are Isaac Newtons theories?

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Isaac Newton's theories include Newton's laws of Motion, Newton's Universal law of gravitation and his color theory.
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What did Isaac Newton do?

Isaac Newton was a physicist and mathematician who was born in 1642/3 (see related question for details) in Lincolnshire, UK. He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge and obta

When did Isaac newton invent the newton meter?

Isaac Newton did not invent the newton meter. It was invented by  others, and it was   the bane of his existence. He spent many fruitless hours, while on  break from his

When did Isaac Newton become Sir Isaac Newton?

April 16, 1705. He became Sir Isaac Newton when Queen Anne agreed he cud change his name. Some others he was considering are: Handsome B. Wonderful, Rembrandt Q. Einstein, Her

Why are newtons named after Isaac Newton?

The newton (N) was adopted as the unit of force in the Systeme Internationale (SI) in the 1960s. It was named in honor of Sir Isaac Newton. His 2nd Law, F=ma was used to deriv

Are Fig Newtons named after Isaac Newton?

No. The Fig Newton was named after the city of Newton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Kennedy Biscuit Company, which merged into the National Biscuit Company (now shortene

Did Isaac Newton invent the Newton?

No he didn't although he did discover a lot of things about forces and is widely thought of as one of the most influential physiscists of all time. It is for this reason that

In which year did Isaac Newton come up with his theory of relativity?

Sir Isaac Newton's theory of gravity was written in 1687, however he did not come up with a theory of relativity. The first person to come up with a theory of relativity was G

What is Isaac newton?

Isaac Newton was an English physicist and is seen as one of the  leading thinkers in the scientific revolution. Despite all of his  scientific breakthroughs, he is perhaps b

When did Isaac Newton come up with the theory of gravity?

There was no exact date. 5th of July 1687 was the sharpest date, which was the date of publishing of the "Principia". If you type into Google Principa Mathematica this is th