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Isaac Newton's theories include Newton's laws of Motion, Newton's Universal law of gravitation and his color theory.
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What is Isaac Newtons theory called?

Well he fundamentally proposed a few theories. But he is eminently  known for introducing the 'Mathematical Principles of Natural  Philosophy'. These principles include Newt

What is sir Isaac Newtons 1 law?

  Of the Newtons laws of motion the first one states that:(quoting Newton)   ...every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelle

What were isaac newtons theories?

1st law: When a body is at rest or uniform motion it will remain at rest or in uniform motion unless acted upon by an external unbalance force. (a ball at on a stand will not

How did Isaac Newton uncover his theories?

He didnt "uncover" them as if he was going on a search and digging them up. He thought of them. a theory is like a hypothesis. its an educated guess. Its a guess on the way of

Isaac newtons theory of gravity changed how you think of the world?

No, because I was not alive before Newton's theory of gravity was accepted as a simple model. Consequently, my view of the world did not include any pre-Newtonian concepts abo

How did Isaac newton test his theory of gravity?

One fantastically magnificent test he performed was to calculate how planets would move according to his theory of gravity. He found that if his theory of gravity is accur

Was Isaac Newton correct about his Gravitational Theory?

Yes, correct but not complete. Newton's Theory of Gravity accounts for the so-called deflection of light by Einstein's General Relativity Theory. The angle of deflection i

What was isaac newtons thoughts on te big bang theory?

Newton died centuries before Jesuit priest Georges LeMaitre first proposed the hypothesis now known as Big Bang Cosmology. And I think, like most geniuses with difficulties in

How did Isaac Newton build his theories and laws?

one day , isaac newton was sitting below an apple tree. at that time , an apple fall down on his head. then , isaac started thinkin why the apple fell down... and why it didn'