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The major beliefs of Islam can be summed up in the Five Pillars. 1: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet (Shahadah) 2: Prayer five times a day. (Salah) 3:The Giving of Alms. (Zakah) 4: Fasting during Ramadan (Sawm) 5: Making the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) In addition to these practices, Shi'a Muslims often add three additional practices which they consider essential to the religion of Islam. The first is jihad, which is also important to the Sunni, but not considered a pillar. The Most important Jihad is defined as the 'struggle with the self.' With others being;
The Jihad of the tongue,
The Jihad of the hand,
and the Jihad of the sword. The second is called Amr-Bil-Ma'rūf, or "Enjoining to Do Good", and it asks every Muslim to live a virtuous life and to encourage others to do the same. The third is Nahi-Anil-Munkar, which is the "Exhortation to Desist from Evil", this asks Muslims to refrain from vice and from evil actions and to encourage others to do the same. Answer The major beliefs of Islam are the following: 1: Islam is Monotheistic, that is, it believes in only ONE God. God (whose name in Arabic is Allah) is not a trinity in Muslim belief. 2: Allah sends Prophets to guide humankind. There have been many prophets one of whom was Jesus and another of whom was Muhammad. Muhammad is also God's last prophet in Islamic belief. 3: The Qur'an is Allah's inerrant, infallible scripture (ONLY in the Arabic.) All translations in other tongues are both capable of error and fallibility. The Qur'an was brought to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel. 4: Everyone will be brought to the day of Judgement by Allah and assigned a place in either heaven or hell.
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Major beliefs of Islam?

 Basic Beliefs of the Muslims:   1. Belief in Almighty Allah (God) Sura  Baqra -2. Aya 163: And your Allah is ONE Allah, There is no god but  He.   2. Belief in Ange

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that there is only one God, Allah that Muhammad is his final messenger. that life is a test, we are judged on our good and bad deeds, if we do more good than bad deeds we

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Oneness of god(Allah) Prophets and their books Day of judgements Predestination Angels If u don't believe jesus(pbuh) u r not allowed to be called as a muslim..!!

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Muslims believe in many things, but the most important belief is There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger. They also believe in the Five Pillars of Islam, and i

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In reality, there really is no similarity to best describe the Judeo-Christian beliefs of God to the Muslim Islamic belief. Judaism and Christianity have the Old Testament in

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Islam in its original language was called Salam which translates as peace and surrender. Those people that believe in Islam are commonly known as Muslims. Muslims believe that

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Islam major believes Major one Oneness of God(Allah) Word "Allah" was basically used by old christians before islam Prophets and their books(bible,torah,zaboor) Day of judgeme

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That there is only one god and that is Allah, Prophet Mohammed is his last messenger, and the five pillars of Islam which are to fast during the holy month of ramadan, to pray

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Answer: 1) God has no partners, no equals, no children, no parents. Only the One God of Abraham is the True God. 2) God created the Angels. 3) God sent Prophets and Messe

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the major beliefs of the relgion of islam are.   -there are only one god his name is allah he is the only one.he  createdevery thing in this world and he controls every t

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The major beliefs are:   1. Almighty Allah is ONE, the Sole Creator and Ruler of the worlds  without having any off-spring or Partner, whatsoever   2. Belief in all t